Skate Trivia

Not sure this merits its own topic but I’m researching a load of skate stuff for a book I’m working on and every once in a while I hit a wall.

Right now I am trying to figure out the name of the High School Koston does his 360 noseblunt slide at in Yeah Right. San something? Reynolds does a FS bluntslide kickflip out in The End on it and Smolik lights up the ledges in Fulfill the Dream. Kit Erickson skates them in the Life video too…


And the ledge/manual spot the Chocolate team get synchronised nose manuals on in Hot Chocolate? I think it’s Boston but I don’t know the actual name of the spot/building… Joey Pepper had an ad and last trick in Ryde or Die backside noillie heelflip tailsliding the ledge.

So yeah, perhaps this thread could be for skate facts and questions. I don’t want this sort of info to get swept away in pointless topics.

Ask the filmer on Instagram?

I could do that but at the same time I’m testing the general knowledge of some of the posters and lurkers here…

Found the first one: San Marcos High School.

Smolik one will be SD, obvs.

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