Skateboardle video quiz (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Fantastic game that highlighted how many videos I’d never seen haha!

Being a dad is no joke so all the best!

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Massive shame that it’s coming to an end up completely understandable. It’s been a fun few months! Thanks for the daily effort @skateboardle_dev :heart:

4th try today.


What a banger


I kind of touch on why no one can really step in for me. But to explain a bit more I haven’t really made the upload super user friendly and it’s very error prone (there was that one game from a few months ago where I accidentally switched the title and it wouldn’t accept the correct answer).

The steps involved for scheduling a game are:

  • insert a row manually in the database with the title, link to video, link to video cover image, and scheduled date
  • upload the 6 clips to a specific path, e.g. /YYYY-MM-DD/clip-1.mp4, using Digital Ocean’s “Spaces” product (it’s essentially a file store) which only me and one other individual have access to. There’s also finnicky permissions involved regarding public access which is easy to mess up.

While it doesn’t sound like much, to make it user friendly would involve:

  • putting a UI layer in between all of that to enable easy edits of the data
  • put a UI layer in front of the file store enable one to be able to move clips around
  • the phone also caches the data so once a user loads a game there’s no easy way to change it after the fact (I will go over this design issue in the retrospective post because it caused a couple of other problems)

Long story short, it’s not easy to turn it over to someone.

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Does this link work?


Thanks for the support everyone and for welcoming me in your community! Visiting this thread and reading all of the banter has brought a ton of joy for me throughout the last 6 months the game has ran.

I will be sure to reach out here the next time I visit the UK!


Damn, well you could always explore using a VPN, personally I would recommend Mullvad or PIA for simple stuff like getting around geo restrictions.

I use PIA occasionally but it’s US based so Mullvad might be a better option.

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First go. Bit too recent this one, I have not yet forgotten it!

not a hope, went down converse rabbit hole

Not a clue. Got company right after 3 blanks then sort of gave up

First go as well! Really like this video.

Yeah first try

4th go guess. Have never seen it, does Shier have a full part in it? If so I need to watch it

He does.

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First try. Rewatched this a few weeks ago.

Krooked, then DVS, then Transworld, then bonked out

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Was really drawing a blank until the Casey Rigny clips. 4th try.

First go. Somehow.

Not a clue what tied Gonz, Casey Rigney and Joey Pepper together

Furst go, because of the ‘spot’

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