SOTY 2021

It’s the only trick I remember.

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Suciu no doubt biggest contender right now, but for sure Kyle, Knox, Jack O’ Grady and Yuto up there… Ishod got a new shoe dropping before the end of the year, so no doubt anything he drops for the launch of this will be beast!!

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What The thrasher office see’s when another suciu part comes out .


Ooh Suciu ! Suciu sir!


More mind blowing Dilo


He could make his skateboarding 66% more timeless by eschewing Shake Junt grip tape.

Skateboarding as a whole would be improved by at least 66% with the total eradication of graphic griptape. Not coloured griptape, or arty griptape, but SHAKE JUNT or GRIZZLY emblazoned on there never doesn’t look stinking.


That switch 360flip though

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