Spot maps you find, old or new.
I’ll be post any screen shots of any I find in Geoguessr I reckon.

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Actually, Builda etc, is it possible to transfer Pervs post and my post into here?

Much easier if you do it! Just got to edit it and copy the whole thing.

Ah cool, i’ll copy/paste mine.
Is that the Bolland spot?

Not decided where this one is yet, I’m feeling Czech rep, or Hungary, that area ish.

It’s in Slovenia

Yep. You probably need to zoom in a bit. That’s as close as it gets.

BMX spot.

Ha, on top maybe but inside those banks must be ace. I couldn’t move closer because I was doing a non moving game.

Bolland bank?

Yep. You probably need to zoom in a bit. That’s as close as it gets.

Jamie Bolland does an amazing kickflip over the rail into the wavy bank in the first Sidewalk vid iirc.

here it is!


That’s why I named the spot after him lol


Spots all over Glasgow have been called Jamie Bolland spots for years.


Leo photo.


Great thread idea.

Hopefully this embeds.
OG Wakefield spot - Remon Sidewalk cover nose bumping the post box.
The building behind the banks was a very active cottage back in the 1980s and thus the spot has always been called ‘Gay Bog Banks’.
Obviously suss nomenclature these days but wanted to add something local

If anyone ever wants parks/DIY spots on the continent let me know…

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Re my post above - how do I get street view to embed?

Nothing special but a spot nonetheless.
guessed correct in Bolivia thanks to a tiny blurred web domain on the side of a taxi.

OOF! nice

i just posted the link and it embedded itself mate