My new job is a 2 min walk from Hyde Park. Trying to work out how to sneak a board in and out of the office when no one is looking.

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These were banging recommendations. Thank you @jimo

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In Crazy Pedros in Manchester and there’s a Jon Horner on the wall behind me


Ben Grove’s Wight Trash guests board :ok_hand:t3:

In another The Terminator rewatch. Just up to Tech Noir, then rewound. Just an incredible 12-15 minute of movie right there.

Terminator is an 80s action film. Less explosions. Better plot. Good violence and action without being silly.

Terminator 2 is a 90s action film and as close as James Cameron can get to Michael Bay. It’s silly. It’s has one liners. Things explode that don’t need to explode.

I love them both but they’re “of their time”. Personally think the first is a better movie and the second is a more fun action film if that makes sense


I spent too many decades being shouted down that The Terminator wasn’t as good as T2. I knew I was always right :smile:

We did watch The Terminator, T2 and Dark Fate together as a family recently, I still rate the original as best. This isnt the movie thread so whatever haha

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Watch Terminator 3 but treat it as a parody of the first two films and it’s great fun


Met this legend tonight and got this photo and talked pioneer and sound and vision .
Such a lovely guy .

Absolutely stoked