Stupid random thread: stuff you never need to buy

Friend of mine said he had to go out and buy pegs. There’s a global pandemic involving thousands of people dying and entire countries being sealed off but he is going out to buy pegs. I thought pegs were the kind of thing you have kicking around the place and never need to buy. Like paperclips or rubber bands or corkscrews or truck bolts.

Name me some things you never have to buy.

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My house had an unopened bag of them when I moved in, I thought it was law the people before had to leave some, haha.

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I’ve got a peg somewhere that still has bark on it. :man_shrugging:t3:

Coat hangers. Or maybe only once and I’ve forgotten.

Nah I’ve bought loads of wooden ones, can’t stand metal ones but I hear ya


Nail clippers. Never bought any in my life but somehow I’ve got a collection

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HDMI cables. Anything with a large screen comes with one.

usb and ethernet cables too, got absolute stacks of them.

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I just had a massive sort out in my storage room and found 12 rolls of various gaffa tape in different boxes . And about the same again in masking tape.
Must have been All those times I’m at screwfix not knowing if I have any gaffa because I haven’t seen any, because it’s in a fucking box I didn’t bother looking in.

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Any cables.
I’ve hoarded cables for the last 15 years at least.
Never gonna need ‘em, never gonna need’ em…but you never know.

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Coat hangers… never bought any.

You’ll need one of them one day.

But not until you’ve had a sort out of your cables box and thrown that particular one away.

My home is full of towels I can’t recall buying.

Window cleaning spray

Vacuum cleaning bags. But I think I can put that down to the box of 30 henry bags I bought in 2008.

  • Pencil sharpeners
  • Lighters
  • Curry powder
  • Shoe polish
  • Suede protector spray
    Also have 3 boxes full of weird coloured shoelaces.

Ew. Don’t you even Karcher?

pretty sure nail clippers are passed down from parents and can’t actually be bought

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I’ve definitely never stood in a shop deciding what the best tea towel is and then bought one. Yet I have 26 in a kitchen drawer.

Don’t have a garage/shed any more :frowning: