Alright people, apologies if this isn’t allowed, but I’m sure there are plenty Reddit users on here.

The r/Skateboarding subreddit on there is crap imo, so I decided to create a UK centric skateboarding subreddit called r/UK_Skateboarding which will be miles less c*nty rules-wise, and will be more relevant to people in the UK & Europe. I’m hoping to pull in some followers initially to get the ball rolling.

If you’re on Reddit, do us a favour and give it a follow :slight_smile:

[If this is, for whatever reason, against the rules, just delete it and move on instead of giving me an e-bollocking. Taa la.]

Remember when we tried to do a forum on Reddit, before @Spanky sorted this one? Ooft.

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Go to Reddit for uk skateboarding, stay for the ladies that didn’t get enough hugs growing up.


Clicks link… looks at latest post, backs away very slowly

Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 18.13.58


I’d prefer to talk to the strangers I know on here.


Yes this. Haha. I love our spicy pub.


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