The 11th Commandment

As Moses Itkonen stood poised in his Frontside noseslide atop Mount Sinai, he delivered the 11th commandment:

Thou shall not push mongo beyond the Seventh Day of skateboarding!


Feel free to add yours.
Or go all out with the top Ten

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Thou shalt never Nollie Smith grind. Fs or Bs is a sin.


Thou shall be nice. (Why does God have to tell us what not to do and point us in the right direction for once.)

Isn’t that ‘Treat your neighbour as you want to be teared’?

Thou shalt not use graphic grip without coloured wheels and krepars

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Thou shalt not have a little teddy bear cut out of your grip tape.

Thou shalt always have 4 bolts holding each truck on. If not, go home and fiddle with thou neighbour’s ass.

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‘Remember to keep the Sabbath day Holy, despite Sunday trading laws’

‘Thou shalt not covert thy neighbours goods, even if there’s a 50% sale on at Flatspot’

Surely this can’t pass as a rule.
3 bolts per truck is just fine.


Soz, God has spoken.

It’s still pretty silly though so I agree.
He’res a shocka from me:
Thou shalt not ruin footage by trying to zoom on the skaters fizzog to make them look moody and edgey so they can get a modellling job and frequent posh gallery parties.

Thou shall not winge about young skaters outfits on Internet forums (especially if you’re wearing éS and bootcuts) hehe


Nah, stop being a n00b!

3 bolt on each truck, 4 if you want but 3 is fine.

I have spoken


Ta Ron.

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Dont shoot the messenger. What about thou shalt not wear Nike shoes with an Adidas top?

Thou promises never to ‘go fast do nothing’.

Thou shall never trust a fart.

Thou shall never waste an erection.

Am I doing this right?

Need to write Mike V a ticket for that post dated to label kills

Thou shall not complain about the ‘standard of female skating’ if you have a penis


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