The Beginners Thread (Ollie practice)

Yes, I suppose so. The big difference will be that you will land with more weight over the trailing wheels, whereas before you were heavier over the leading wheels. You might roll out of them better this way.

Also, you push down with your toes quite a lot as you ride out of them. See if bending more at the knees makes a difference. Your knees will come down and over the toeside, and with your heels down the angle between your foot and shin will get smaller. If you pause the video I linked to above when she lands you’ll see what I mean.

Not everyone skates the same way. In everything you do you’ll have to experiment until you find what works for you.

I have been skating a lot last two weeks but not been doing tricks. My girldfriend bought a longboard so have been riding just “causal” with her.
But yesterday i started watching skatevideos how to do kick flips. So today I started praticing! And Guess what I landed a few :grin: But just standing Still. Will prehaps trying doing them Rolling tomorrow.

Is the techniqe ok? Is it ready for Rolling as well? Tjere is two videos.


Of course it’s good if you land it. You got it man!
Start knitting if you want to stand still. It’s a fucking skateboard, pretend you’re Marty McFly and roll around! :facepunch: :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

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Haha thanks, I will try! But it is so much harder while the board is in motion. But thats next step for sure. Thanks for the support!

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It will quickly get easier while the board is in motion. More speed means more balance. Just skate and you’ll get more comfortable on your plank.

he’s right, the momentum keeps you balanced. Try balancing still on a bike as opposed to moving.


Okey. I tried today to do kick flip while in motion. But that was a disaster haha.
When I position my self on the board to do the flip the boards starts turning because my weight is on one side of the board. Is it my position thats wrong? Or the board is to loose? Or my balance suck? Did you experience the same in the beginning?

Your trucks seem super loose maybe?

I’m enjoying the progression here makes me remember what it was like to start.

Good on you mate. Honestly rolling is easier.

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Skating is hard, it takes a lot of patience. Trial and error. Loads of that. Just skate and things will get somewhat easier and much more fun. Skate, skate, skate. Roll around, roll around, roll around. Go for it!

Sometimes I think about att my age (35) and that my progress is slow bc of that. I have to skate around for a few minutes before attemping any tricks due to me knees are so stiff in the beginning :joy:
Would you say that this is a “normal” progression in my thread? What should I expect at my age if I skate a few times a week?

I can see that :grin: I watched a bit of skateboarding om the tellie (the olympics). Holy shit I am impressed! That is some super hard things they make look very easy haha.

Most of us here are older, a good chunk of us nearly 10 years above. We all feel it man, but we keep coming back for more fun. Get on it :slight_smile:

I’ll be 40 later this year. Still learning new tricks all the time. I just adapt the way I skate to how my body changes with time. Low impact stuff. And I usually spend 10 minutes just rolling around not doing anything I might miss when I’m skating a park.

Thanks for all the encouragement!

One week in Greece didnt soften my knees but I am back home skating again :grin:

Next stop is kick flip in motion. Hopefully I can do it before the snow hits the ground here :grin:

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Progress is really slow right now.
But here is two videos of me failing at kick flip so prehaps someone can give some pointers :grin:

Second one was absolutely fine, your feet aimed for it, you didn’t get scared and move a foot away. That is the biggest battle, committing both feet to where the board should be after flipping. So keep doing that, every try you do you’ll figure how to micro manage what to do next with your flip and then all of a sudden you’ll land one.
There is no one foot position, everyone does them differently but just behind the 4 front truck bolts covering nearly half of the board is where I put mine. Pop, flick front foot down/out/forward all at the same time and quickly snap those feet back to where they started but completely flat then you’ll start catching them. In fact watching again, your foot positioning looks just right.


Try jumping more with your foot than your leg. You could also experiment with bending your knees less. When you lower yourself in preparation for jumping, try bringing your chest down over the part of the board your front foot is on and keep it over that part of the board through out. Bringing the chest back can cause you to land with your back foot behind the board. Rotating your shoulders can lead to landing with your front foot beside the board.


Thanks for the tips. There is nothing else I would like to do than go outside and try again, but the Day after my post I got terrible lumbago. I went to a physiotherapist and he was not to happy about the skateboarding in the next few coming days. So rehab for a week or two then start slow again :frowning:

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