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He’s like WB Yeats on a bad day

The celebrity whose opinion of himself way outstrips his actual writing skill is Morrissey

Cheers Build. I actually did a quick Google after posting and it was released in 1998.
I was never the biggest Mondays / Bez fan so it probably slipped under my radar.

Speaking of books from 1998… I remember reading enjoying this - his follow up about playing the Moldavian football team at tennis too.

Didn’t he throw a tantrum and insist his autobiography was published by Penguin Modern Classics?

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Which it was.

Let’s laugh at how badly Morrissey’s book did! Hahaha!

Ah shit.

Couldn’t make it past the third page. The things that are annoying about him seemed magnified by his writing style

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He also wrote a novel, there was an article of the worst lines that put me off completely.

Whoever put the pain in painting had also put the fun in funeral

You can read the rest of them here, if you really must.

Hope the archive link is ok, the Telegraph is behind a paywall.

Yeah I’m sure most of those were bought as presents (I got one too) but still.

And as far as his novel, the kind of people who think Morrissey’s clever will love that shit.

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Back to the skate related books. I really liked The Answer is Never by Jocko Weyland and have re-read it a few times. Recommended.


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Pretty sure that guy used to live in or near Newbury and had a ramp in a hay barn at some point. I recognise the name and if i remember right he was in Peak Practice?

Never skated the ramp or knew they guy but it was folklor some dude had a ramp at his parents farm.

Saw some footage of it rotten out in like 98 so it would have been way before that. Muckmouth must know about this one.

He’s been in a lot of those kinds of things. Holby City, stuff like that. I do seem to remember him saying he had his own ramp once. He has a mini in his garden now

There will be a time, very soon when everyone in the country will have been in Holby City or casualty.

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Big feature on Joe Millson’s book in the Telegraph

Just finished the 4th book from the stormlight archive by Brandon Sanderson, if your into your epic fantasy its quite good. It’s no wheel of time but I enjoyed it.

I’ve never read Wheel of Time, I always feel like I should but it feels like a bit of a big comittment. I tried one of the Shannara books a while ago. That was shit.

The book I just finished was Long Bright River. I don’t think I’m qualified to say if a book is a masterpiece, but if I was I’d definitely say this was. Absolutely fucking heartbreaking in places but a really special read. Recommended.

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The wheel of time books are fairly easy to get through, I have tried to read Steven Erikson the Malzeard about 3 times now and can not make it 1/2 way through the second book, they are like bloody encyclopaedia size things.

Currently deep in a second reading of The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd, anyone else read it/think that thematically it has some bearing on most of our current situations? I.e. making the most of your immediate surroundings and concentrating on full immersion in the moment without being focused on an end goal or destination? That’s what I’ve been trying to tell myself as a valid alternative to going on loads of skate missions to different towns, anyway. Either way, it’s a beautiful read if you don’t know it.
(Lengthy first post I know, but in my defence I spent a lot of time lurking in the old forum’s ‘continually updated dub/reggae’ thread)


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