The Book Thread

Finished Moby Dick last night.

Real talk: the book could have been half the length, easy.
If you’re all about the actual story and action, cut out all of the chapters referring to specific aspects of whaling eg Legitimate?Non-legitimate images of whales, The ropes used, the Ironmonger, carpenter etc…

Is there a decent film of it? Or Simpsons parody? That’d do me.

I’m sure there is.
I only read it because my 6 year old son was suddenly inspired by the story and I realised it was another of those classic books I thought I knew but had never read.
I do like to read up on classics because I think it’s important to know what’s the what - and maybe get some Literature wedges on the Trivial Pursuit board - and I’m glad I stuck with it and finished it. But I don’t want to read another book about whaling, sailing or crazed one legged captains for a long time.


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Smashed the Bob Mortimer book in a day.
An absolute joy to read.

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If you were still interested in a précis of the plot of Moby Dick…

(This guy doesn’t subscribe to the Nuke the Whales theory. At least, he doesn’t mention it in the 7 minute clip here).

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Moby Dick is fantastic. Always liked Dave Carnie’s Melville allusions in Big Brother

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Moby Dick is 400 pages too long.
After that it’s not bad.

Just ordered this

So have I, now. First time PayPal’s suggested I leave a tip, too. Weird.

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Think a few of them are on this mix from 2005

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