The Bored at Home Thread

Lillyhammer is one of the best series on Netflix if you’ve not watched it. It’s a weird mix of English and Norwegian with subtitles but doesn’t take away from it.

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also Bruce Springsteen’s lead guitarist is the main character.

I never understood how he basically doesn’t speak any Norwegian but understands most of what is said to him. It’s an odd thing.

Decent enough show though.

Yeah but it works because we don’t understand it either maybe? In any case it’s a lovely show.

You mean Sil from The Soprano’s

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Yep exactly, I’m talking about the guy tom morello replaced on tour because of filming commitments

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Totally. A couple of big studios I occasionally work with use it for grade and edit, it integrates ok with Premiere via xml export I think. I certainly need to get a bit more fluent with it, and Fusion, Unity, Unreal Engine and Notch… FFS. It never stops.
Any game devs here? Need to pick up some basic tutorials with Unity and/or UE - they’re both being used more in events, concert visuals and film production for backdrops, like The Mandelorian.

(Not mine)

Just realized that Leffe is 6.6%.
Think I just found a load of footage of Gustav Tonneson as a 13 year old child.
Heavily pissed though, so who knows?


Post! Post! Post!

You just figured that out about Leffe?

I always used to sleep well after a couple of pints of Leffe.

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The skate industry is about to implode in on itself right?

Depends how many offline shops survive and how much debt the smaller companies have I suppose.
I wonder how many pros aren’t being paid.

You could ask that any time.


Never drunk it before - there was loads of it left in Tesco’s so I bought a few.
Didn’t bother checking the % until I’d had two last night and fell over ha ha.

I think it’s Gustav - from a SHIT skateboards demo in 2005 - I’ll upload it to Insta later on today.


Actually - I’ve started going through tapes and posting a load of raw old footage (if you’re on Insta and follow me, you’ll have seen.) I was thinking though, as my account is private (work reasons) and some of you aren’t on Insta - should I upload some of it and post on here?


Yes and yes.

First one (already on Insta).

NOTLD 1 - Rampworx Liverpool.


Remember how good James Woodley was?

Judging from his Insta he’s really sorted his life out.


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