The Brexit Thread

This petition has been doing the rounds for a couple of days and when I signed it yesterday morning it was already at 300k signatures. Now it’s almost at 3mil!

Can we all agree Brexit is a mistake?

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Havent they poo poo’d this already.

Yeah…nice idea but don’t really see it having much gravitas.

Remember 3 million is only 5% of the UK population

Damn, you’re right. Wish I hadn’t signed it now, I feel like a right dick.

Let’s get a petition on the go to scrap this one because it’s pointless and everybody should ignore it.

Don’t worry. weve got another 2 weeks to get it all sorted. What could possibly go wrong?


That’s more like it

For real though I get what you are saying and I have obviously signed it but am realistic in my expectations of what will come of this

Of course. Anything that makes people actually DO something helps, even if all they do is read a post that mentions this, whether they sign it or not.

Took me two attempts, the first confirmation email sent me to a 504 Bad Gateway. Weirdly…

Need to take into account people who can’t vote, and didn’t vote to work out the % of people who signed the petition against the eligible electorate.

Nothing will come of this. Anyone watch question time last night?

This guy was on the panel, fucking moron.

I think so many people were accessing it the page crashed.

I know this petition probably won’t amount to anything actually happening - ie remaining.

However, what I don’t understand is that the UK knows it’s exit date and doesn’t seem to be preparing for this event. All I see and hear about is government bickering, May doing the rounds, the armed forces prepping for civil war and people stockpiling toilet paper.

I’m pretty sure a quick Google search will tell you what will happen when the clock strokes midnight and your carriage turns back into a pumpkin, so why don’t you start researching the various uses of pumpkins?

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Tried to sign this yesterday and my email still hasn’t came through.

How many more will it take to get her to change her mind?

Anyone going to the march tomorrow?

Imagine the irony in 17 million people signing that petition.

3.5M now

I’m recovering from surgery but if I’m feeling better I’ll go.

I’ll have my Krooked cruiser if you want to spot me.

It’s hit 5 million and still growing.

5.5 million now

Got someway to go to get over 17million!

Anybody checking out what’s happening currently in the HoC?
More resignations and crazy voting.
The word omnifuck was created purely for Brexit.

As much as I want this to succeed, it’s the Tories. In particular, the Tories headed up by an inflexible, belligerant and deluded fool who has half the party hating her while she needs the support of a gang of homophobic, racist, narrow-minded, economically illiterate, sneering and bigoted religious fundamentalists to help her limp over the finish line. Either that, or JRM et al get to take the reins…

Best of luck with this omnishambles.

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