The Brexit Thread

The opposite to fitting my narrative - these questions are from a study designed to detect confirmation bias and selective reasoning in the voting public after accusations that leavers were less educated. Very interesting study and it shows that most people trend towards confirming their own beliefs rather than challenging them.

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Depends which newspaper you read I guess, haha. Pushing their own agendas. That is the thing, I think a lot of older people still get their news from papers like ‘The Sun’, ect. Which are owned by billionaires masquerading as the peoples paper.

Older people reading the Sun, where have you seen that? I’m sure people are persuaded by all kinds of media outlets owned by billionaires but I’m not sure that’s any less dangerous than believing what some comedian on Twitter says.

Don’t use twitter, so wouldn’t know but when I go in to the newsagents I always notice which papers still sell as I find it kind of interesting, seeing as print is meant to be a end medium.

Where have I seen people read newspapers? Are you for real? Go in a cafe, a doctors surgery, or barbers for a start, as well as visiting friends and family. You make it sound like I’ve seen a Unicorn in the wild mate. Do you really think that a comedian’s tweet has the same weight as a ‘news’ paper in every cornershop and supermarket in the land? Their business is to sell you the latest news. They have an air of trust to some people.

Not my question. I remember I used to see the Sun in the front of builder’s vans fairly often but the last time was probably well over 5 years ago. I just don’t see that paper anywhere near as much as I used to. I’m saying a fair number aren’t still sold, I just don’t see it as a leading influence on people’s opinions as it might have been once.

Yes I do, more people look at their smartphone for news now, Twitter is where a lot of people look for opinions and as a result I’ll often hear many people almost parroting out exactly what they’ve heard a comedian with millions of followers say. Merely my own experience.

The Sun for instance is still selling over a million papers a year, how many comedians have over a million followers? That read their every tweet? That is a newspaper loaded with lots of different information, that is in people’s homes daily. My Granny couldn’t open an email but she could open a paper and vote.
I think twitter is a bit of an echo chamber too? You’re only going to follow people you like and agree with, right? Thats one persons twitter. Where as a paper can have a different celeb/comedian in it each day saying something that will get people’s interest.

They are giving the Sun away free in Spar to keep their print figures up

I think they give them away free to holiday makers too, to be fair, haha.


That’s my point, My gran is metaphorically on deaths door so is not the best to asking what the best for the future of the country is. She can make do with opening her shower door that way, it’s not detrimental to her health and quality of life. Harsh? maybe a bit. I know it’s not just old peeps wanting brexit but the analogy wouldn’t work then ha.

How many read every article of the Sun? I bet the vast majority go straight to the back pages, but we could play this game of tennis forever! I just don’t see it as a great influencer on public opinion any more but if you disagree then I’m sure I’ll move on with my life.

If we were to revoke now, as the ECJ confirms we can do unilaterally, we would remain exactly as we are.

I suggest you read the relevant parts of the Lisbon Treaty as these will confirm your supposition unfounded. Start with page 283, protocols pertaining to our right to maintain our own monetary policy.

Regardless of tariffs, the EU has confirmed we won’t have an MRA on Conformity Assessment. JIT manufacturing will cease to function as required immediately and the increased costs through delays will be insurmountable; Honda’s baseline projection was a cost of £850k per 15 minute delay.


Just googled it - Honda said that a 15 minute customs delay could cost them up to £850k a year. I have heard that stat before but I don’t fully understand what they mean by that.

From a logistical and supply chain perspective, they’d have to drop JIT and build some warehouses. Not the end of the world in the long term but a short-term problem, probably enough to make Britain a less attractive base for production. Obviously this is something that will be negotiated into a deal.

I don’t think you should neglect to reflect on the fact that with the EU-Japan trade deal in place (no tariffs on Jap car imports) Britain is already massively less competitive, that commitment to EV production is changing the landscape for the car industry, and that Brexit gives these companies a convenient way out.

yes, and we don’t have to stay as we are, we are still a free country even part of the EU. It’s a good wake up call to reform our own politics without the mess of leaving. The EU is NOT the problem, WE are! it’s our politics that are fucked. foriegners aren’t going to oter countries to exploit the holes in their benefits, or their healthcare, they are using us, and why not, we are wide open. Our politics are fucked, our systems are fucked, our heirarchy is fucked, we’re fucked.
I’m utterly puzzled with how leave voters can’t see this. Really, you’re taking the most posh, greedy, self serving cunts word over the leaders of all the EU countries that are doing better than us?


The “a year” bit is semantics. If you are not already au fait with it, Google what conformity assessment means and you’ll understand how delays and costs will spiral.

From a man who allegedly runs companies you seem to suggest an unnerving ignorance towards understand the fine balances and systems busines rely upon to function cost effectively. If it was as easy as that then wouldn’t it be super! But it isn’t, what will be cheaper is to close down UK operations and move production within the single market/back to Japan now the FTA has been agreed.

And yes, this discussion regarding an MRA on Conformity assessment will not be relevant in the case of a deal being agreed but we are specifically discussing a no deal scenario and, as per usual, this is a massive issue conveniently forgotten by those advocating it.

Of course but the lower echelons of the proletariat have always been easily led and Brexit just illustrates how laughably so.

Take Warwick, constantly disingenuous because he’s used to people not researching/questioning his narrative. Britain is fucked for the reasons you say and because a majority of folk could never be bothered to educate themselves beyond a headline.

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Lol. Sorry but I don’t recall seeing a ‘let us back in please’ clause.

EU countries don’t want us to leave because they want to sell us their stuff as normal. They would rather drop the whole thing and carry on as if it never happened than saying “you’ve made your bed, now lie in it”

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You need to pay more attention to the situation mate.

ECJ ruled in December last year it can be unilaterally revoked.

Ah yes I admit I forgot the detail of this Scottish thing - the second referendum/general election withdrawal route. Yeah ok I accept I’m wrong on that point.

But as the EU was dead against this, and it wasn’t in the Lisbon treaty, I still stand by the belief that our position and existing agreements will be challenged if we rejoin.

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