The Brexit Thread

Unless the as yet unspecified benefits of Brexit finally appear, we can refer back to this for a good few decades if it turns out even leaving with a deal is a steaming pile of shit.

Move on, bahaha… it’s the beginning of things like this…

‘I didn’t know that I couldn’t do this anymore when I voted leave!’


‘1,000s of holidays at risk because of the passport back log’

It hasn’t even began.

Hang on a minute, the deal hasn’t been finalised yet, no one knows whether this will be the case

You’re right. But reports in the press and by TV journalists like the BBC’s Katya Adler suggest that a kind of dual status for NI is what they’re working on.

Can’t wait to hear what Scotland might want too, as a country in the UK being dragged into this by England and having even contemplated separation very, very recently by way of a referendum, no less.

You think that’s bad?!

DUP Deputy leader Nigel Dodds is not backing a Brexit ‘double customs’ plan. So those chickens you’re counting haven’t hatched just yet.

It’s not going to be easy. The more concessions you give to the EU, the more you risk upsetting the DUP and the ERG. And vice versa. And you need to reach out to 19 or 20 Labour Leave MPs. It’s going to be a very delicate balancing act.

Why would anyone care about upsetting the ERG?

Because to get the deal through Parliament Boris needs the votes of Jacob Rees-Mogg, and Arlene Foster, and Stephen Kinnock. They all want different things and he has to try to please them all - it at least, not upset them.

Was an interesting thing on LBC the other day about the EU being the only thing holding the UK together. If the UK leaves, Scotland/Ireland would be much better off separate from England and still in the EU. Was massively speculative but real interesting, wish I could find text to quote it here

I can’t comment on what the Scots think, although I think if I were a Scot I’d probably be up for independence. However, the hard truth is that they’re £15bn in debt. Which is how they came to be part of the U.K. originally. Although the Scottish King James I took over the English throne after Elizabeth I died, the full union only came a couple of generations later when Scotland bankrupted itself, and joined with England as a way to pay off its debts

How much debt does England hold currently do you know?

The title of this topic is pretty awful. Can it be changed to something that isn’t inherently homophobic.


Done. Didn’t realise I was able to or I’d have done that before now.


It changed recently

Just like to put it out there that fucking someone/something hard up the arse is not necessarily a homosexual activity, therefore the previous thread title was not ‘inherently homophobic’.
Not that I’m reading this thread, I’ve got plenty of other clouds to yell at


I was gonna say the same thing. Not that I want the thread title changed back.


I completely agree for the most part, but the notion of something being fucked hard up the arse being bad is somewhat rooted in the history of homophobia and being anti gay.

I will settle for it being kink shaming and it being changed regardless

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