The Brexit Thread

Regarding paperwork and delays in transporting goods, there are always going to be transition issues while systems adapt. In the case of Loch Fyne, Argyll and Bute council say they’re sorting it. But yes, every change can cause problems. Worth seeing how it is a month or two from now when it should be smoother

In a month or two? The government promised it was all oven ready to go! What business goes ‘Just give us a month or two, or three to get going.’ In the real world? A month or two isn’t good enough.


A month or 2 that could be the make or break of already fragile livelihoods.
But again as I said before, brexiteers have no empathy at all for the problems ( be it long or short term) brexit brings for people… until it affects them.

Cunts and they know it, but clearly they’re used to that status hence all of the above .

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Missing 2 months of mortgage payments, bills and 2 months of food on the table. So in order to get these mystical benefits you’re happy that people are going to be ruined?



Warwick is able to sleep soundly in his bed at night knowing that although British firms are going to the wall, not a bloody penny of our good old British money is being spent on Spanish road infrastructure. You can’t put a price on that.

It was keeping me up at night as well mate.


Maybe this should be in the mental heath thread…

Reading/watching all of this today, plus all of the environmental studies being published recently has given me such a sense of dread and depression.

My wife and I have spoken so much about the world that we’re brining our son into (nothing new, people have been thinking that forever) and we’re really trying to better ourselves and hoping that shit like Brexit and the way the world is treating itself can somehow end up as a positive.

Sorry for the rant, I’m just not in a very positive place today. Could be lack of sleep. Fuck knows.


This bit.
This bit tells me that your son is going to be just fine.


There must have been a terms and conditions box next to the vote leave box .

It must have read something like this…

*when ticking this box you forfeit any rights to use let alone have your conscience from this moment onwards. If you don’t have one anyway please continue to smirk.

Just watched the channel 4 news report about the Scottish fishing situation and it’s dire .
Suppliers telling boats not to go out, whilst 6 tones of live langoustine will have to be frozen losing thousands of pounds in value for the fishermen.

Then there was Reese Mogs speech in parliament. Fucking me I saw red . Another cunt with absolutely no conscience.

-warning you may want to throw something at the TV when you hear what he said. ( at the end of this )

“They’re now British fish - and they’re better and happier fish for it.”

Leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg, claims fish are “better and happier” in British waters after Brexit, following complaints from the SNP about a “Brexit fishing disaster”.

— Channel 4 News (@Channel4News) January 14, 2021
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A brilliant result for the Indy campaign.

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This is what I’ve been thinking all day.

I don’t want Scotland to separate from the UK but fuck I don’t blame people of Scotland from sticking 2 fingers up at Westminster and saying welcome back EU.

People talk as if Scotland could just get straight back in. Its debt is currently way beyond the threshold of EU membership requirements and things are about to get a lot worse. Any country could veto it so if those pesky Norwegians want to keep their fishing rights, well… Might need to take up Trump’s offer of building yet another golf course after all.

And this is the shambles of it all. Potentially a very Scottish brexit, but this time the Westminster government has to fucking sort it out or it’s going to be disastrous

Yes every change can cause massive, pointless problems, that nobody really needed.


They just couldn’t wait could they. Giddy with power.

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Norway isn’t in the EU - how could it veto a potential independent Scotland joining the EU?

It was a completely pointless and unnecessary change. No need for it in the slightest.


This was always on the cards no matter what they spun and Tory owned companies have been chomping at the bit over the chance to claw back money after brexit.

Well done brexiteers :clap:t2: It will just be the beginning of many more .

And endless rows with the EU over all of it. You’d really have to be a properly stupid cunt to think this is a good idea.

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The Northern Agreement is agreed with the EU.

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@Warwick if I want to travel to Europe and bring my dog I now have to pay £104 for an animal health certificate every time from my vet here, this also includes travelling to Northern Ireland.

In what way is this a benefit?


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