The Brexit Thread

This fucking clown playing dumb with Andrew Marr. How is it not clear to everyone that he is not fit to run a fucking country.

Such a brian cant

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Im half tempted to turn over half my garden to allotment and chickens and live off the land. If I can grow it or rear it I wont have it. Full on The Good Life

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Hey everyone! This guy’s got chickens! Let’s get him!


Not yet but soon. Ive only agreed to it on the proviso that I can name them. So far Ive got Attila the Hen, Henrietta and Dame Judi Hench


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The line where he said pigs being unprocessed and incinerated was okay because they were going to be killed anyway? I thought i was hallucinating when he said that. WTAF

Call them all Tim Henman

“come on Tim, come get your food”

We all know about Tories and pigs…

Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 13.04.26


You can’t use words like hecatomb and simultaneously be so fucking thick. It’s all an act

And all the while Marr is giving it, “Yes, but they were going to be killed to be eaten”, and Johnson’s just babbling about how it’s the same outcome. You’d almost think he didn’t understand it himself.

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‘Don’t care about your short life expectancy, never mind cancer as you’ll die from it under my government as well… think of money you’re giving us!’

He was trying to deflect by pretending that the outrage was to do with some sort of animal rights concern. Marr could have shut him down a lot quicker but sort of fumbled it instead.


Yeah, totally.

Yeah that must be it, but just fucked it up royally. As per

Close enough.


I was driving back from Duddon Valley this evening and took the lesser traveled fell roads home occasionally running into groups of sheep and cow grazing. It occurred to me thatt good old cattle russtling will become a more common occurrence given our shit show.


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