The Brexit Thread

Why do you suppose that this PM was granted her position unopposed?
All rivals called off their challenges to be PM when Cameron slithered off.
Even Pob and Boris.
She’s been scapegoated by her own greedy and power hungry party.
I’m surprised she’s lasted this long.

Bercow going in. This is fucking crazy.

It’s a wierd description of power that she has. Obviously, she’s PM, but can’t get anything done. She achieved more as Home Secretary (by default, as one of the longest serving HS) but most of what she “did” was simply to make life difficult for brown people and try to get the UK out of ECJ and EUCHR.

Now given her stern, joyless demeanour and some semblance of a track record of getting shit done (i.e., fucking over non-WASPs), I’d guess that many thought she’d be able to see both sides to the Brexit debate, strong and stable, blahblahblah and potentially, be a strong leader like Thatcher.
Fuck no.
She’s the same as every other spoilt brat kid in your school who was convinced they were right all the time because the teacher put them in charge once in year 3 and refuses to take anything on board from anybody else as they must be wrong as they’re not the one in charge. I don’t understand how she gets everything wrong ALL THE TIME.

How do you appoint disgraced former defence secretary Liam Fox, a proven slimey lying failure, as International Trade secretary? Karen Bradley as NI secretary who didn’t understand the Republican / Unionist divide? Dominic Raab - the second Brexit secretary - didn’t grasp just how important to UK trade, imports and exports Dover, Folkstone and the whole English Channel is? And of course, David Davis and friends rocking into negotiations with the EU with nothing more than a smile compared to his counterpart’s stack of notes.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I really could rant about this forever, but nope. Just don’t forget that The Thick of It is pretty much a documentary.

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Correct on all fronts although I am surprised that you neglected to mention Grayling and his appointment of a shipping company that…has no ships, aside from his cock ups transport wise and previously with prisons.
It seems that you gain indemnity and can only be promoted for doing your job incredibly badly within the Conservative party.
I too could rant about this because I have paid very close attention to things.
Davis is, as has been described very publicly, as thick as mince.
For all of the highly questionable things that May’s cabinet members have done, she only recently actually sacked one of them, otherwise, they were moved out of her cabinet.
Priti Patel and her holiday to Israel which just happened to have her involved in meetings with Benjamin Flamin’ yahoo’s cohorts, the stupid stuff that BoJo came out with, akin to Prince Philip’s gaffs, on his visits to certain countries.
I too could go on.
As for JRM and the ERG, I wish I had captured this, but the research comes from a guy that the group pays to do it. They rely on his information. I really wish that I had recorded the interview that I saw where this slipped into the conversation.

To wrap up…slimy, privileged and self serving circle jerkers.

Yep, Grayling slipped my mind alright, but that should help me get promoted or something, heh…

JRM and friends are waiting in the wings for “blood to flow in the streets”. It’s from Pater Mogg’s playbook manual, written in a similar manner to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, popular with neo-cons and right-wing sociopaths everywhere.

And another thing, that insane doublespeak about how having a second referendum is undemocratic. I can’t get over the mental gymnastics they did to come up with that, nor how the outright braindead simpletons around the UK also believe this to be true. There’s a lot of parallels with how the Algerian civil war started.

But yeah, fuck that lot.

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We got one vote 3 yrs ago and they get numerous votes over 3 yrs.
Erm…if people are not noticing the slant on democracy in that alone, particularly on May’s repetition of votes on her own deal, then they are pretty short sighted.

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Grayling is fucking useless. Amazing when the New York Times picks up on it.

This is superb. Even the correction at the end is amazing:

Correction: March 3, 2019

Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article misstated the amount that a Labour Party’s report claimed Chris Grayling misadventures had cost British taxpayers. It is 2.7 billion pounds, not 2.7 million.

Sick isn’t it.

The Government has responded:

The UK is the laughing stock of the world.

Parliament will debate this petition
Parliament will debate this petition on 1 April 2019.

You’ll be able to watch online at

Government responded
This response was given on 26 March 2019

This Government will not revoke Article 50. We will honour the result of the 2016 referendum and work with Parliament to deliver a deal that ensures we leave the European Union.

Read the response in full
It remains the Government’s firm policy not to revoke Article 50. We will honour the outcome of the 2016 referendum and work to deliver an exit which benefits everyone, whether they voted to Leave or to Remain.

Revoking Article 50, and thereby remaining in the European Union, would undermine both our democracy and the trust that millions of voters have placed in Government.

The Government acknowledges the considerable number of people who have signed this petition. However, close to three quarters of the electorate took part in the 2016 referendum, trusting that the result would be respected. This Government wrote to every household prior to the referendum, promising that the outcome of the referendum would be implemented. 17.4 million people then voted to leave the European Union, providing the biggest democratic mandate for any course of action ever directed at UK Government.

British people cast their votes once again in the 2017 General Election where over 80% of those who voted, voted for parties, including the Opposition, who committed in their manifestos to upholding the result of the referendum.

This Government stands by this commitment.

Revoking Article 50 would break the promises made by Government to the British people, disrespect the clear instruction from a democratic vote, and in turn, reduce confidence in our democracy. As the Prime Minister has said, failing to deliver Brexit would cause “potentially irreparable damage to public trust”, and it is imperative that people can trust their Government to respect their votes and deliver the best outcome for them.

Department for Exiting the European Union.

Sounds like although they will debate it, it will be a cursory dismissal.

I think it’s incredible that a second referendum wasn’t called when they realised all the fake stuff the leave campaign was built on.
I also blame the media pre and post referendum for not providing more unboiased information to the public about the pros and cons of being in the EU.

Even though I’d like to see this whole situation cancelled, I’m prepping for the inevitable Brexit future. My advice to Brits and their government is play sensible and get prepared.

It’s kind of like people warning us about the risk of global warming. Guess what? Global warming is already in full effect so start preparing for an uncomfortable future.

We live in strange times and if people don’t start taking serious action eg voting for the right people and demanding those elected represent them properly, then we’re at the risk of irreperable damage to society any time soon.

I think the whole thing has opened peoples eyes to what a big shit show politicians and parliament are.

People that have been held in high regard from the ‘don’t question authority’ generations, are now seeing they’re being run by the village idiots for the first time.

Exactly. And it’s the old cunts who voted for it that are popping up all like, “Oh, I’m bored of it now, I don’t care I just want it over blah blah”. Which says everything.

The rest of us get a proper insight into the mess/in-fighting/uselessness of Parliament.

Its just the absolute fucking lies this was built on, with no acknowledgment of the lie, but then moving forward and ignoring the lie.

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Parliament isn’t useless as long as those in parliament do their jobs.
I think we have reached a point where shit is boiling over and people are fed up. We are now experiencing what happens when you don’t pay attention and let the extremists get into power. Brexit, Trump, Immigration crisis, Syria, the climate, Facebook, State-sponsored assassinations, Rise of AI… So many terrible things are happening at once and people are waking up to the reality of it all. Things won’t change overnight, but I hope by not standing for it anymore, things will change for the better.
Unfortunately the cynic in me feels like there’s a very strong chance we will experience another world war, however it won’t necessarily be between world leaders but rather be fought between social classes.

I think I’m ranting…

Some kind of Civil War, reaction is inevitable if they revoke Article 50. There is a lot of idiots on this island.

Was reading about how the far-right groups here are now studying jihadi materials for inspiration for attacks. It’s officially come full circle.

to be fair though, we’re hardly the French who seem to be hardwired to well-organised civil disobedience. the London riots back in 2012 where completely opportunistic, as if anyone on this island could manage to organise something even remotely as big as that was with a directed purpose

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