The Continually Updated Footage Thread

Sick yeah i agree, read what you were saying in the wrong way. Apologies

I await Hugo’s opinion on Questions’ tricks with anticipation.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got a Geek Mafia DVD!

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don’t forget stealing from supermarkets


As art it’s quite interesting. If it’s reality they need ASBOs.

enjoying this. boozy Russian hammers and quick footed quirk

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Nine is up. One of the best.


Issue 9 is probably the one I watched the most.
The Wheels of Fortune line-up was incredible: Stevie, Kalis, Chany, Drake Jones, Anthony Correa. Heavy Chaos section to a rad Extra Prolific tune too. Fuck, even the contest sections were rad with Love Park and Newburgh.

Damn issue 9 is heavy!

Had a funny one last week, picked a random 411 by its year to watch before a skate with a pal and went for ‘99 issue 34. Recorded this Billy Rohan clip on my phone cos it got me so fired up, then coincidentally Swift Blazer poster the same trick to insta the day after

The World Report section in this was incredible. Barcelona featuring locals only, before it turned into skateboarding’s Disneyland, Japan back when it was still relatively unexplored skate-wise, and England with Manzoori and Channon King killing it. So rad.

Yep that Barca section especially! The ledges at Macba look sharp as a knife. There’s also an absolutely manic wallride to kickflip mellon over a channel at tampa for the enders of that part but can’t remember by who.

i find it so weird watching 411 now. that was what a grew up with, we watched them before and after going skating. my mate had about 4 tapes and we just watched them over and over, pausing certain tricks everytime.

watching them in 2019 makes me realise how much skating has changed. think i preferred it back then :older_man:

It’s weird when someone starts talking and you know the full thing. A Cassette Boy mash up of all the classic 411 quotes would be quite entertaining.

That would be a trip for sure

I get that nostalgia when I watch old 411s and other vids from the 90s but what I sometimes miss is not really skateboarding back then, more how I felt and how I was back then. Carefree, innocent and ignorant in a good way.

I think skateboarding has never been as great as it currently is. It’s quite a welcoming and accepting community now.
There were so many unwritten rules back in the day, a lot of vibing too. So many cool guys. There still are loads of them I suppose but I’m 37 and don’t give a shit about them. They can sit on a bench and look cool, I’ll skate, get dirty and have fun.
Back when I was a kid, a skater that was 25 was old, nowadays I go to the skatepark and see people I used to skate with in 94 and they’re back, with their kids, all skating. How cool is that?
I see women skating every time I go to a park too, which shows a real change. There were two girls skating in my whole country when 411 34 came out.

More diversity, more acceptance, more fun, more love. Yes.


oh yeah for sure. that’s why I put the “old guy” emoji on my post. it’s definitely a nostalgia thing. skating in the 90s was shit. just look at that 411, EVERYONE is in the uniform. deck shapes are horrible. still tiny wheels etc.

i remember going to the old platstation park in London (just after it changed but way before nike took over) and everyone was a complete asshole. it’s part of what made me and my friends just stay really local and build our own obstables

London has always had a vibe so the era would have made no difference. Some cities had odd vibes some had amazing vibes. Also depended on the crews too. Also, you have to think that these people were maybe not vibing either, just quiet. I have had people talk to me years later and said that they thought I was a bit of a mean dickhead in the past. They might have caught me in a very very rare mood and that has stuck or I just was oblivious to having a RBF.
I liked the 90s purely because I felt like I was closer to the level of the people I was watching and I have loads of great memories. I don’t like being shit at skating and the skating level is so far out of reach now it’s depressing. I’m over that now though ha.

Totally. When you’re aware of how much everything is changing but you feel like a part of it, totally connected. Dudes we know, dudes our age getting hooked up. Travelling to places without even knowing what they’d look like or who the locals would be was great fun.

Obviously the clothes and shoes were amazing too, whether from Slam or C&A, we looked good and could spot each other a mile away. I like that more people look cool now, with regular people wearing skate stuff, but it’s crazy how fast stuff changed then, even over a few months, especially 92/93. I guess everybody was busy inventing all tricks, and now they’re spread out and everybody can do whatever they want.

Of course we used to tie an onion to our belt, which was the fashion at the time etc. etc.

It’s good to be wary of fully falling for this isn’t it, as in translating those good memories in your mind into actually believing those days were so much better than now when in reality a lot of things are better (like the acceptance and diversity you mention) or just that some things are better and some are worse.

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