The Continually Updated Footage Thread

Nah he’s right

I loved it.

So people like me are coming across like bitter old men that love to moan?
You’re probably right regarding me but I don’t read that about anyone else, I read everything with a pinch of salt.

Not saying you personally, just the general vibe of this place

'Kin ell, can of worms here! I was just saying, well, what I said… Times have changed!

I watched Blokes, the skits were really well put together, made me laugh in places. I imagine it will get a good reception from the whole Norcal/DIY vibe guys in the U.S.

I fucking pissed myself watching that.

@42069666 I feel ya Blinky, I think having kids etc, not being able to skate as much anymore and Skating changing from when we first started has jaded a few posters perhaps.

Don’t disappear or stop posting as I have always enjoyed your contributions on here and N26.

I like this place – blokes was rad, completely different and funny. They aren’t my kind of people or skating but thats why I like it because its different.


Fair enough, if you feel it, it must be there. I don’t see it personally though.

Nobody should be taking any of this forum seriously and leaving unless they feel it’s not doing anything for them. If you’re not getting anything out of it then yeah, cut loose but stopping because of difference of opinion is weird.
I also don’t think jaded is the right word but yeah, having kids totally changes you, it rewired my whole brain overnight. That’s not strictly true obviously but I do look at things with a different objective totally.

Blokes was amazing. Great concept, good skating, fun, and really well produced.

Dean absolutely kills it.

In other news…

I’ve made a few videos myself and if I had made what is essentially a scene video and it got shared by Thrasher I’d be fucking stoked! So fair play to them on that! I didn’t make it through that new Zero video the other day before turning it off to make my dinner, whereas I watched blokes through after midnight last night in bed when I really should have been asleep, so that’s telling you something…

I was just making the statement that times really have changed! I didn’t state any opinion on whether that is good or bad, there’s positives and negatives on both sides.

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They didn’t use the Auf Wiedersehen, Pet! or Boon theme songs so it was shite.


A bit of insight in to blokes here:

It is incredible that such an amazingly insane, very British video got shared by the biggest skateboarding outlet at the minute. It’s like it’s being beamed in from another world when compared to a lot of the tramline stuff Thrasher usually share.


The skating in it is amazingly insane?

Sick yeah i agree, read what you were saying in the wrong way. Apologies

I await Hugo’s opinion on Questions’ tricks with anticipation.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got a Geek Mafia DVD!

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don’t forget stealing from supermarkets


As art it’s quite interesting. If it’s reality they need ASBOs.

enjoying this. boozy Russian hammers and quick footed quirk

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