The Continually Updated Footage Thread

On Isle I think

I sort of want to make a thread for this despite clear cmoac violations/self props just because I don’t think it’s been online in ages and corpsehands just uploaded the original DV master to YouTube.
But, obviously, I won’t.
The last gasp of Sidewalk in some respects I suppose. Also, darkest time in my life too, (for a while at least).
Way too long though.


12th edition and this might be the first edit I’ve seen.

Make a thread.

Oski clip was so sick, shoes are pretty dope.

Bradley Cromer at home.


This dropped this morning, only just got around to watching.

Music warning.
Amazing skater with a mighty push.


Opens with some east coast ASMR nose grinds


That new Loophole vid’s gonna be sick. It’s a bit of a shame that we’re going to already have seen all the parts by the time it comes out as a whole but that’s par for the course these days, eh.

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That was rad. Who’s Jenny?

No idea. Canadian brand perhaps?

It popped up on yt and I was interested to see where Sasha was with his skating because he’s pretty gnarly

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16mm film, MBV and Ronnie Kessner - lovely stuff. I’ve just watched this three times back to back…

…gonna stick it on again.


Filmed and edited by Ty Evans, be warned.

Is she out of the olympics? I see she fucked in her knee recently.

First trick - about 10 different angles. Chill out.

Some cool skating in there but not feeling the edit but then I’m not meant to am I?

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She’s hoping to do the last qualifier not this weekend but next. We’ll see if she makes it.


  • clip from the Santa Cruz YouTube channel
  • park footage
  • horrible shoes
  • worrying haircut

but this guy is sooo good. Never heard about him before. Next level board control.

Young, gifted and bland


Listen, if we’re polluting this thread with shite, I offer this millennial Lennie Kirk moment