The Heated Wheel

I just found out about this board company by Neil Blender and Peter Hewitt, The Heated Wheel, and I’m interested to learn/see more.

From what I’ve understood, it’s primitive boards with modern materials. The most notable feature is the inverted concave concept.

Has anyone tried these?

He’s done short runs for years. At least since 2011/12. Since it’s Neil they sell out in minutes.

I often wonder how he gets by. Since he only does very limited runs every now and then… often years apart. Does he have a regular job? If he was smart he could easily live off those Heated Wheel and G&S reissues?

Universal credit


Ha, ha… the America we all want to live in. I only wonder since he’s blocked certain G&S graphics from being reissued. There’s also some early Alien boards people would kill for to be reissued e.g. the speaker stack ones. So he obviously has some other hustle going on. In a way I can relate. I make tunes for my mates skate productions. A few people/companies have approached me to produce/score stuff for them but I always turn them down because there’s no personal relationship there and I make my money via other means… I also hate corporate shit… the Olympics was the latest casualty. I don’t think there’s any amount of money they could have offered me to get involved in that shite.


I didn’t know he’d done that, blocked re-issues I mean. I like to think he receives some kind of pass in life just for being Neil. Maybe he just stacked alot of product

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Damn, I’m late to the party.

I like to think that when he needs a new fridge or whatever he can just walk into the place and somebody will know who he is.


Yeah as far as I remember there’s certain G&S graphics that aren’t getting reissued. I’ve done a bit of research on it but I could be wrong. He’s tight with whoever runs G&S. That 92 AWS speaker stack graphic is a thing of beauty. I appreciate he’s a complete enigma. It’s probably for the better… I’ve been skating since 87 and the sheen has been wiped off most of the guys I used to look up to. It’s literally Neil and a couple other of people who retain the mystique.


Yeah. Mark is still Mark for me too

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G&S have reissued a bunch of Blender boards recently on more ridable shapes.

They’ve definitely done the Faces graphic, Clown and Dog and based on an Ebay search the Driving graphic and Coffee break.

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He’s done a bunch of stuff for Stance socks too which I imagine sells well and a few things with a watch company

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