The Hip Hop Thread

Watched Mid90s last night - soundtrack makes a pretty good 90s banger mixtape. Had to listen to Liquid Swords straight after.

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I watched this on Saturday night then, on Sunday, listened to the soundtrack playlist on Spotify.
Good stuff all round. :+1:

Enjoying this.

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I was a bit late getting to watch Mid 90’s.
Watched the other day and enjoyed it very much.

Hip hop heads help me out please, I’ve been hearing this track on the radio a bit recently where it uses a sample or recording of an old phone ringing. It sounds a lot like a new take on Warning with Puff Daddy talking to Biggie but the comparison stops there. You’d know if you’ve heard. I need the name.

In the meantime this is dope

Listening to Fat Bill’s Mission Statement and they mention Sage Elsesser’s rap music.
Not bad.

Someone mentioned Pat Butcher in another thread and it got me thinking of this

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That would be me

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