The Hip Hop Thread

MCA, Ty and Malik B all died aged 47. Paging Puleo.

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Cherche Pas à comprendre - love this tune, still trying to decipher the verlan.

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I’m wondering if anyone can help me with finding a book. I bought it around 2003. It was a yellow book about hip hop, it was yellow I think. It delved into mcing, breakdancing and grafitti. It was like a manifesto. I loved that book but lost it and can’t remember the name. Thanks


Woah, yes! Thanks so much, been looking for that for a while.

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Still have mine- I met the guy a few times when I lived in Chicago

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Just stumbled across this dude’s reaction channel.
Don’t be put off by what you’re expecting him to be like.

His first listen to a Jehst track - “I’m about to have a fucking stroke!”


Ha, that was great

While we’re here

Just spent the last hour in a YouTube hole watching a bunch of this guys videos…Amazing.

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Yeah I did the same last night - subbed etc too.
His enthusiasm is infectious.

Listening to Take it Personal podcast* and came across this. The DJ means well but looks like a total spazz. The concept and production is overall pretty dope for a rap fan like myself.

Also this West Coast Funk infused track is pretty good. I nebver really liked West Coast stuff but it’s a nice change.

  • The last episode is full of dope contemporary rap music which gives hope for those who think everything today sucks.

The trouble is, there are a hundred others just like him all using the same lingo and intros. I kinda like watching reactions though, especially when people get emotional about music I love too.
"What’s going on… " “It’s your boy” “back once again” “with that said” “without any further a do”
And this is even before I have clicked on your link. I bet he says at least 2 or 3.

Edit: BOOM, he dropped many. He’s a loveable caricature though.

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hearing Ced-Gee wanted to sample Prince’s BatDance for this track killed me.

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I quite like the look of that Biggie crown but $20,000 for virtual wine tasting with Big Daddy Kane seems a bit steep

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32k bid for the Rammellzee 12". I know someone who has a copy

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