The Hip Hop Thread

Listen to the last Take It Personal podcast and it has confirmed my faith that contemporary rap music is doing good.
The soundcloud mumble rapper hate is no longer valid. If that’s what you think is rap music then you’re just looking in the wrong place.

Just copped three new albums that are pretty good. Still holding out hoping AZ will hit with his Illmatic…
Benny The Butcher - Burden Of Proof
Westside Gunn - Who made the sunshine
Common - The beautiful revolution
AZ - Found my niche

Want to cop the latest Black Thought album too but there’s 3 of them… Anyone suggest which is best? or all three?

Yeah, I have definitely struggled with hip hop for a while - but there is some new gold out there, if you can find it.

I’ve not heard the first two you mention. Will check it out in a sec.

The new R.A. the Rugged Man album is good. Came out last year. RTJ IV is fun…
Theres new Killah Priest which is a beatless album. Its an odd entry but well worth a listen.
I put on the new KRS album yesterday, too but got distracted a bit. Will listen to that and try the new Public Enemy album today, too…

The one rapper I really love is KA. He used to be with Natural Elements BITD.
His stuff is minimalist and moody but so good on word use and general understanding of things.

KA’s work is incredibly heavy. I havn’t even listened do Descendants of Cain from last year yet. Still digesting the rest of his catalogue. His albums are like novels.

Honestly, I prefer hip hop now over the days of old. Roc Marciano, KA, Mach Hommy, Danny Brown, Preservation, Apollo Brown, Alchemist and all the stuff he’s produced. There’s so much more diversity and creativity now. I grew up on 90’s stuff but i’m enjoying it a lot more these days.

It’s a different vibe.
I get the impression the best rappers right now are either very mature in their subject matter or painting modern pictures of the scarface lifestyle. Or they’re just mad lyricists actually juggling the attonatipn of the words they choose like musical notes.

Mumble rap is no longer a thing.

Ok so I can confirm that Black Thought’s Strings of Thought albums are fire.

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Eli Gesner posted up the Mixtape soundtrack and Peep This songs a while back. Visit his soundcloud.

An old chiller which came on the digital wireless the other day:

And this may have been on a skate section lately but either way, heard it and liked it:

Double posting this.

oh yes

fuck you youtube links!
MF Doom and Your Old Droog produced by Edan

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I skated to this track on our local scene video back in ‘97 lol

I found my overplayed dubbed cassette of this a few days ago…

Side note - Anyone seen the Eyedea doc, ‘The World Has No Eyedea’?

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