The Lazy Twitter Thread

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Factoid - E Jean Carroll (Trump accuser/ victim) wrote a brilliant book about hunter s Thompson in which she writes in her own Gonzo style. He’s always trying it on with her and in the end she finally gives in but he can’t get it up cos he’s done too much coke


Ah I just realised I have and he was a knob. I think this is where my anti American Football thinking has come from.

I know some good people who like American football but they’re also USA fanboys who work on a shared airbase with yanks. Everything they do revolves America in some way. Their English kids go to baseball practice on the weekend. It’s weird but they’re really nice

Bidens got to go. You have to give someone they can vote for.


Got to love that the Biden haters think that Trump is the virile younger choice

But I agree, Bidens far too old, so is Trump. Postpone this year and both parties have to present a different option, no older than 50, just end the madness


I’m turning 40 this year and I’m already counting down until the day I can retire (Probably 75 at the rate things are going).

What’s wrong with the pensioners of today?

it’s mad that so many countries have a minimum age requirement on leading the country but not a maximum age limit

It’s not mad at all, the people in the position to set a maximum age limit don’t want to be thrown out of power from their own rules.

at one point in ancient Rome the minimum age for consul was early forties. which was jokes seeing as the average life expectancy was mid 20s. basically the same thing you’re saying @wayout, the few rich old pricks at the top make the rules

Point of order - average life expectancy is a bit misunderstood in the context of history. There were still plenty of old people, and there would have been quite a lot of people in their 70s and 80s around. The figures are skewed by child mortality figures which were much worse than ours and bring the average right down. Living past 40 was nothing unusual. There’s loads of evidence to prove it.

I’m not particularly ageist, but I do think Biden is on the extreme end of the scale for being President of the USA. He’s their oldest ever. Just checked this list on Wikipedia though and he’s not even top 10!


oh yeah 100%. this is a well discussed point when talking about average life expectancies. i was just making a silly point about old leaders

frankly i’d rather have a younger president/prime minister/head honcho than an ancient one. nothing silly. early 30s maybe.

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Well me too, always enjoy seeing what Nayib Bukele is up to :smiley:

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I’d rather have someone as clued up as they’re going to get but before they’ve started losing the plot.

Is that a specific age?

Biden always rocks up in a dope blue suit looking fresh as fuck, then starts talking and you remember he’s 200.

He should grow a beard. If a leader must be old, they should at least look wise or have wizard steez.

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Based on my experience it’s about 11.


With trump though it’s “is he old, mad, genuinely stupid or a mix of all three?”

There’s a lot of people who’d believe a fourth point that he’s not any of the above, just acting it because he knows it’ll make him popular amongst the voter base in some kind of 4D political chess mastery.

Not me, like, I think he’s a complete rem, but it does bear thinking about.

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