The Lazy Twitter Thread

Like something out of a Julia Donaldson book!

As the Sun sets over the emerald lagoon
Look out for crocodile with his buddy Raccoon
They ride together in search of hijinks
Raccoon rides on top while Croc gently swims


Enjoyable. The kids are alright etc

Wallopers - Ex home secretary twice removed goes point scoring asking “why are you hiding your face” on the one news channel that given half the chance would sling her on a flight to Rwanda that she championed in the first place if it helped their ratings in the 45-75 year old racist wife beater demographic


" don’t you want to talk to you audience " the one watching GB news? Think we’ll be okay thanks


What a pair of patronising arseholes Braverman and Partridge Jr are.

I’m also impressed at how everybody just stayed silent.

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Excellent. What a wondeful young lady

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