The Official Insane Terrain Thread

Insane Terrain season is here.

Post your spots, tricks, clips and photos.

Little `Land’ reminder below

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Me & Voodoo hit this one up on Wed


Madness! I can’t work out where you’ve come from or where you’re going to. :man_shrugging:

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Like a skateboarding Cotton-Eye Joe


weirdly, if you turn your head sideways so that the wall is the floor it actually makes slightly more sense as a picture

That is a fucking banger of a photo Ron. Who shot it?

Been skating this a bit


thats the one over york way right??

My mate Goo on his iphone

Well a pint for Goo. That’s so nice looking.

Yeah, just by the Ouse.

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I stumbled across this a while back when surveying street trees. It was dry a few years back when i saw it but probably a bit steep and clunky. I will get round to going in there one day but only if i can get someone gnarly enough to go with me.
I think you would need a rope to get in and out.
Moorgreen Reservoir near Eastwood, Nottingham, if anyone is interested. (or daft enough)

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Hey! am I not gnarly enough for you to go with? Don’t answer that by the way.
We should go one day man, and have a backup plan too when we realise we’re too shit to skate it.

I forgot no bank is too crusty for bankskater! :slight_smile:

Some of that in or around Huddersfield?

I’m hurt dude!


Haha nice flick. I’ll award it.

in peterlee somewhere i think, im sure someone here knows where it is. not sure on the skatability of it like