The Olympic Thread

No I believe it was based on points from multiple qualifying events.

De Cuna could qualify through finishing the middle of the pack in multiple events whereas people like Nyjah could win a couple and it would be enough point.

There was a story in the winter olympics where this women qualified for skiing halfpipe by simply turning up at every single qualifier. She could only kickturn and basically wanted to call herself an olympian.

That’s what I asking a while ago, so you can’t have Eddie The Eagle and Eric the Eel types entering these days? That’s what made the Olympics amazing.


Well you can for sports that are a bit shit like this woman above did.

Not every country is in it but every continent has to be represented. Apparently the Ugandan team are ranked second in Africa at the moment


The south african contigent couldn’t be more polarised. Park rep Dallas O, possibly around 45 years old, runs a charitable skate holiday camp in the mountains called Indigo which touring pros always used to visit for 411 rural shots and Brandon V, rich kid with his own private concrete park on his parent’s huge farm.

In the girls section Mel W hardly scored a point in qualifications so that’s a bit weird and Boipelo is actually a success story of the Maloof legacy - she grew up skating one of the parks left behind from that Money Cup series.

No diss on anyone, just interesting how different everyone is.

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