The TV Thread

Sorry, you’re right.
I was sat thinking how that didn’t seem right.
But I do know of someone called Johnny Robbo.

Happy Jail on Netflix.

Robbo lives in Oxford. He doesn’t run 42.

It was a middle-aged Indian guy they had on. Some businessman.

Something really makes me want to see this, the Netflix one I mean, with probably DC session afterwards

shoe racks, shirt racks and board racks? With a glass counter for hardware. I’m a designer now.

Scaffold poles for clothes rails as if that isn’t the standard in just about every clothes shop anywhere, right now.

Mary Portas seemed cool. She was annoyed there was no space for hanging out. And I agree it’s weird having a full size range stuffed into the shelves.

Joe Pera Talks with You is amazing. So pointless, dry, relaxing and daft.

Anyone else been watching Wu Tang - An American Saga?
Pretty good so far…slow burner but entertaining.

I should imagine there is a LOT of artistic licence taken on this tale of their come up.

Anyone seen the latest south park? Apparently China aren’t too happy with it.

Good response.

anyone watched ‘The Boys’ on amazon prime, fucking amazing adaptation of a comic book, so fucking good

Yeah, I really enjoyed it. Have you got to the end yet? i wish there was a bit more of payoff for Billy Butcher, but i suppose they want another series.

Yeah it was really good!

BBC 4, Studio 17: The Lost Reggae Tapes.

Really interesting.

And now a prog about Ginger Baker. RIP.

Just found it’s up on Netflix.
That’s my viewing sorted for tonight.

For those who can’t trace who I’m replying to, I’m on about the Breaking Bad film.

Not only is El Camino the name of a chevy pickup, there’s one near the start and I used to own one too.
Bad ass car.


Last week me and the missus sat down to catch up on Better call Saul and it seemed to tie in closer to BB so I suggested we watch BB first so she can get it all better. We watched the first 2 ep’s and I felt it hadn’t aged well at all. I liked it when it came out but it felt really stupid and amateur. Maybe it got better as it went on but i’m not bothered about watching it all again to be honest.
Better call Saul was executed loads better.
I could watch the Wire over and over and that’s older.

Better Call Saul is one of he all time great tv shows

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Watched it, loved it, thought it was fantastic, no complaints, perfect.

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