The TV Thread

Yeah it was really good!

BBC 4, Studio 17: The Lost Reggae Tapes.

Really interesting.

And now a prog about Ginger Baker. RIP.

Just found it’s up on Netflix.
That’s my viewing sorted for tonight.

For those who can’t trace who I’m replying to, I’m on about the Breaking Bad film.

Not only is El Camino the name of a chevy pickup, there’s one near the start and I used to own one too.
Bad ass car.


Last week me and the missus sat down to catch up on Better call Saul and it seemed to tie in closer to BB so I suggested we watch BB first so she can get it all better. We watched the first 2 ep’s and I felt it hadn’t aged well at all. I liked it when it came out but it felt really stupid and amateur. Maybe it got better as it went on but i’m not bothered about watching it all again to be honest.
Better call Saul was executed loads better.
I could watch the Wire over and over and that’s older.

Better Call Saul is one of he all time great tv shows

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Watched it, loved it, thought it was fantastic, no complaints, perfect.

Anyone watched Brassic on sky?

First episode is fantastic, probably one of the best bits of British tv I’ve seen in a long while.

To be fair, I’d watch Joe Gilgun in anything, don’t think he’s ever done anything bad

I watched them.
They were OK.
Some pretty funny moments.

We’ve missed the first twenty but there’s still forty minutes left. Get on it now.


I was actually recommended it by my dad who said similar things. I couldn’t get into it. I didn’t find it funny at all. Shame because I was really looking forward to seeing it.

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Also been recommended ‘Succession’ as one of the best shows ever. Anyone tried it?

It’s not as good as watching Shane Richie shit in a bucket in North Wales for a full hour.



Fair enough. I’m not sure why but I just immediately warmed to all the characters and just thought it was really funny.

Catching up on Its Always sunny new season as well. Opening episode was pretty meh but as is always the way, once it hits its stride it’s really great.

They really seem to be destroying Dennis this season

I can’t wait to watch them all one after another! Need to download them ASAP

Ended up really getting into Succession and watching all the first season really fast then just finished the second one a week ago. Some great one liners in there.

Watched first series of Succession so far and it is great providing you find entertainment in every character basically being a complete cunt to one another non-stop. Very little likeable about anybody at all…

Lol at someone calling it ‘one of the best shows ever’ after two seasons though, way too soon to start calling that

It’s quite old I think now but did anyone watch Weeds?

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