The Web Tech Thread

Just an idea for any Website tech related questions?

Does anyone know much about buying domain names?

I want to buy a few for future projects but I have no web space or anything, can I just link them later? Or will I get roped into buying the sellers own web space to host it? I’m a nooooob

I use Pretty basic but does what I need to do (eg is registered with them).

You can point the domains at web space later.

Thanks Spanky! Will go check it out

Been using (hat tip to Les for that) for the past 5 years or so, just for my portfolio site. No probs, good support for when I have to some farting about with the backend, all that shenanigans.
They do a bunch of packages, like domain name registration and/or hosting with different pricepoints to suit your wallet and size of project. Works for me anyway.