Thrasher magazine's SOTY 2021

Tis the season.
My shortlist is as follows:

Kyle Walker

Chima Ferguson

Mark Suciu

Carlos Ribiero

Joey O’Brien

Tom Knox

Fred Gall


John Dilo

I think he’s even more in other stuff as well but these are the main ones. That part in ‘Flora episode 2’ is fucked.


If it isn’t Suciu I’ll eat my pants


I think Kyle Walker is more Thrasher-worthy and is maybe the only skater they could justify giving it to over Suciu. Wouldn’t surprise me if some of the big corporate skateboarding powers have got some last-minute releases up their sleeve though.

Suciu is the only contender.

Everyone else is a bit too esoteric for Thrasher to crown.


Yuto had a cover. Right age for their current audience.

Yeah I love Yuto but I don’t know if the Olympic gold is considered good or bad at Thrasher. ‘The Yuto show’ was sick…maybe he’ll drop something else last minute?

Joey O’Brien has another part coming out. Might be too much of an industry outsider, but would be cool if he got it. I know he still works a regular job.


Did Breezy release a part this year? Her cover was so sick.


Just saying that having a cover puts him into the ‘Thrasher-type’ more than, say, somebody who hasn’t had a cover.

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Also, Rowan Davis smashed it this year:

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Sure, but Nyjah has had a Thrasher cover and I don’t think they would ever give him SOTY.

lol at John Dilo.

He’s great but come on.


Felipe could be a shout. Gnarly part, skated Tampa, Thrasher interview (has he had a cover?). All with no legs, which is undeniably insane.


Just giving him some props. Obviously he won’t win but he’s just had one hell of a productive year (again).

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Lol at half the people menthoned here.
Some rando ripper ain’t getting it.

If phelps was still in charge he’d fuck suciu off just for being so thirsty.


Feels like Phelps is still in charge, which is why I can’t see it being him. Also nobody would care about his SOTY part.

Felipe might be stacking footy for it. Seems like a good shout in terms of being a Thrasher ‘type’ too.

I understand the sentiments about Suciu but nobody else stands out at all.

1 good part could take it but who?

Kyle Wilson gets my vote if that’s how it is.

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