Thread skateborking actually gone

2.5 hours over 2 sessions into this one :joy: gotta pay to play ey, my leg is so dead I’m sat here icing it before bed

(story link as cba to upload elsewhere and it’s not on private for once soz)

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Sick! Shuv crook. Looking forward to seeing that one (when your leg isn’t dead)

Acne Bumps this morning was chef’s kiss good

huge props to Greg King and co for polishing the rough into smooth


A day in the Manchester sunshine…


Went skating and everything i did felt and looked disgusting. But I’m happy with that.


consistancy is a virtue


Tarted up the first grind box I ever made with a new paint job and a fresh angle iron.
Took it to the woods close to where I buried one of my chickens for a very professionnal photo shoot and a few slides and grinds, then went to a car park and skated my grind box more. Stoked.


I love that, nice tailslide. I started sticking stickers on the top of mine as my level of artistry is, quite frankly, crap :smile:

I did 5 slightly slid shit backtails on a tiny quarter today, 19 years to get to this day, it was fun, they were horrible.


When I was young and couldn’t do anything I only wanted to do new stuff.

In time I realised that was silly and futile and the goal should be to do good stuff.

Now that I am old and can’t really do the good stuff, I get more fun from doing new stuff.


One of them even made a slight skkkuuuurrtrt noise


Thanks mate!

Ah man, I did some front tails on a tiny quarter last week and have been thinking about learning backside ones so much since. Really have to get those off the list. It’s in an indoor park and it’s really hot here at the moment, not sure when I’ll go back there.

could that be the best noise in the world?