Transworld Videos

Are Transworld still making videos? I nthink I heard Duets was their last release.

Anyway, Spanky’s Cardiel Sight Unseen thread inspired me to jot down my top 3 TWS videos. What are yours?

Maybe add top 3 parts /intros/debuts etc…

Top 3 videos:

  • Sight Unseen
  • Feedback
  • Sixth Sense

Top 3 parts:

  • Heath Kirchart Sight Unseen
  • Cairo Foster The Reason
  • John Cardiel Sight Unseen

Top 3 group sections

  • Moses Itkonen and friends The Reason
  • Jon Miner Cinematographer v1
  • Bill Strobeck Cinematographer v2

Top 3 flash in the pans

  • Entire cast of First Love
  • Neal Nims - Feedback
  • Danny Gonzales - The reason

Favourite 3 parts

Ryan Gallant - first love
Cooper Wilt - A time to shine
Alien - Cinematographer project

Am assuming modus is internationally acknowledged as first forever so no one is putting that down.

Sight Unseen
The Reason

The Penny bit in Anthology
Muska in Feedback
Janoski’s tre flip tutorial in whatever that trick tip video was

Top 3 Built to Spill parts:
Marc Johnson in Modus
Cairo in The Reason
Franky Villani and Jake Hayes in Duets

Damn! Good call on the Alien part!

Top 3 videos:

  • Modus Operandi
  • Free Your Mind
  • Sight Unseen

Top 3 parts (Not in the above videos):

  • Bobby Worrest - Right Foot Forward
  • TNT - In Bloom
  • Stevie Williams - The Reason

Top 3 group sections

  • Alien - Cinematographer project
  • Alien - Cinematographer project
  • Alien - Cinematographer project

Honourable mention for personal reasons:

  • Videoradio

That whole run from Feedback to Subtleties was incredible…

The Workshop Cinematographer Project section deserves as much recognition as their full length videos.

It’s equally as era defining, for the brand and that incarnation of the team, as Memory Screen, Time Code, Photosythensis and Mind Field were beforehand.

Plus, it’s pretty much the Workshop’s swan song too.

Show me the way

Same as the Tim O’Connor big spin disaster trick tip

Built to Spill were supporting Dinosaur Jr in Newcastle, we thought it would be the perfect storm of skateboard video soundtracks, until they didn’t play any of those songs. Not stoked, haha. It wasn’t even a big crowd, we were milling about at the front requesting them too, no-one was going to mess with their set in stone, set list that night.

So the plan didn’t come back again…

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Best part - Rob Welsh in Free Your Mind.

Other than that.

The Reason

Was this at the O2 Academy about 10 years ago? If so, I went to the same gig!

Yeah it was. I remember it only really filling up once Dinosaur Jr got on stage and people mostly staying to the back but my memory could be wrong, haha.

I once saw Built to Spill play to a crowd of about 15 people at the Leadmill in Sheffield. Again, this was like 10 years ago. Sad.

Same for me with Green Day after they’d had tracks in that Santa Cruz BPSW vid, must’ve been about 1992. Wicked gig, literally 10 people in the corner of a pub in Tuffnell Park.

Transworld Uno will always stoke me out but the Obvious Transvids are Modus/Reason/Sight
Every single one has great sections. I have seen every one up to Let’s do this I think.

I don’t think I could pick a section

I also really liked the original cinematographer one.

feedback was great, modus and SU absolutely - but I have a huge soft spot for the Reason.

Randy from Maine

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