Weekly playlist

Think what might be good is if I stick all the tracks people put here (Music thread - #236 by nazoreth) into a YouTube playlist, then have a post for that playlist. Maybe do a new one every week.

Nice to get some new music in my head, rarely get the chance to do it though.

Any thoughts? Could do a separate one for Spotify too if the track’s available.

So just to be clear DO NOT ADD ANY TRACKS TO THIS THREAD. Stick them all here: Music thread - #236 by nazoreth


Also if anyone would like to help or curate, I could consider that too

Great Idea, I have been on a Throwing Muses binge this week.

You don’t want my Playlist, last 3 tracks listened to.

Some Finnish guy cover of Sugababes
Pet Shop Boys - Go West
Dua Lipa … haha.

I wouldn’t worry, I had Snoop Dog and Timberlake blaring ‘Signs’ out in the car earlier, it was fucking brilliant

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Ok, I’ll get involved.

any chance of a spotify playlist?

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Yes, but I think YouTube has a lot more mixes/versions not available on Spotify.

So basically yes, wherever possible.

But I’ll have to do it all manually and I get lazy so will see how we get on.