YFS-SOTY (Your Favourite Skater’s Skater Of The Year)

We need a thread to keep tabs on those killers who will never be blessed by the Thrasher laurels but everybody knows they’re better than that.

Carlos Ribeiro is a good kickstarter


You’ve stolen my idea!

I’d been toying around with doing a thread like this for ages. I was gonna call it ‘B tier pros (The underrated thread)’. It was gonna be a thread for people who will never be SOTY/never be a hall of famer etc, but who should be.

Your name is better

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Not sure that title works…because surely the answer to the first post is actually whoever is Carlos Ribieros favourite skater and not Carlos himself?

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It’s me.

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Tom Snape

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Busenitz. End thread


I would add Flo Mirtain to the list.

Wait…we agree on something?

Blimey. Been a while…

My abridged list of random favourites:

  • Travis Stenger
  • Brent Atchley
  • Mikey Chin
  • Alex Perelson
  • Jimmy Wilkins
  • Corey Juneau
  • Mike Arnold

This guy is coming up fast (Edit *oh I think I misunderstood the thread title haha…whoops).


Ok, wait! There needs to be a bit more criteria to see who’s getting mentioned here and who are just underground rippers.

Those who qualify for mentions are pros that hsve followed the trajectory of being awarded SOTY eg multiple video parts in one year, contest placings, demo gods… Most importantly not selling out.*

Someone like Stenger is always a favourite but he’s hardly the most present skater even during his heyday.

Tiago, Busenitz, Gonz, Stranger… These are YFS-SOTY candidates.

If you want Mikey Chin listed, I know who he is and why but you need to justify.

Post clips.

  • The clear exception here is Bastien who is/was clearly SOTY material but somehow lost out…

In an alternate universe Duffel had a career on Emerica and is talked about in the same breath as Reynolds and Kirchart


Phil Shao

Heath Kirchart

Luan De Oliveira

Rodrigo Texeira

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