01206 Book Club - cool East Anglian/Essex video podcast

Deep geekery here with a weekly video podcast covering all manner of 90’s skate videos from East Anglian/Essex with various skaters from the era discussing the minutiae of various related video parts.
You’ll probably need to be very interested in UK skate history to watch them all but they’re entertaining and funny and a window into how progressive the Ipswich scene (in particular) was back then.

Here are two of the recent ones.

Frank Stephens Meathead section

Channon King’s ‘Grow Up’ section (very funny)

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I’ve been listening to the Ben Rodriguez episode.

Enjoying what I’ve heard so far… and for the first time ever, I’m familiar with (and have even skated) some of the spots.

Greyfriars, MFI, Crown Pools Bank.

A long time ago, mind.

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