10% off everything and free delivery from Legacy Skate Store

Use discount code: UKSF10

What it says in the title. Free delivery as well. Wallop.

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Not that I’d want to take anything away from the fine folks at Legacy
And finding fault with Jon Horner’s work is the last thing I want to do
However, that banner across the top of the forum sure does negate any ‘stealth’ you get from the work-lurk viewing options
“Why does your SEO Pro page have a cartoon about skate nerds at the top of the page?”

Sorry Ron
Sorry Jon

(ps - you two should get together and open a surf shop in Florida, you’d make a killing on stickers alone)

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I did think that also, i thought the work one would’ve switched the ads off


Good point. Will sort soon.

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Damn that was quick work. Nice one Spanky.

can’t get this to work - did I miss the boat?


@roncalow should be able to help. Reminds me Ron I thinkI got to take your banner down!

ok cheers - it’s £3.20 we’re talking about so the stakes are pretty high

Hey I’ll reactivate. Give me 5. Promotion was only supposed to run for a month. I suppose while the banner is there it’s still valid

Should be good to go

thanks a lot, it’s appreciated

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