1991 Squeeze European Skateboard Championships Dublin

This deserves a thread for time capsule purposes.
Those who are my age will remember reading about this comp in R.a.D no doubt.
I had no idea that this footage existed until today.

Gavin Hills, Davie Phillips, Rocker, Pete Rowan (Irish skater off the cover of U2’s ‘Boy’ LP), Simon Evans, Curtis McCann, etc etc…

From the YT description: “Courtesy of Stephen Brown from the British Skateboard Museum - a VHS of the Squeeze European Skateboard Championships 1991 (Point Dept, Dublin, Ireland)”

This is GOLD


Oh shit that’s so sick!


This must be the best TV coverage of a comp ever.

Big up Ulster TV.

Also - rare Stephanie Pearson footage

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Mike Manzoori representing Denmark?!! I am about to kick my TV screen in.

Also, why have I never heard of Stephanie Parsons before? She’s sick.

The mongo pushing is epic

Also the crowd more hyped than at an SLS comp

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Don’t be too quick to judge.
Manzoori has a Danish passport.

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Stephanie Pearson - she was on the cover (kind of) of a Skane era Skateboard! mag and had an interview in there.
I think Jeremy Fox gave her boards.

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That was great, cheers for posting. How sick was Rocker’s vert run?!

Stephanie Pearson interview / footy was cool

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Gonz’s switch method did not compute at the time either. Should have won - best fit too (Natas was wearing a matching UCLA get up as well but I’m not sure he made the video, possibly due to a messed up ankle? :man_shrugging: This is from memory and it was a long time ago).

*honourable mention for Grosso’s spectacular run as well :joy:

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This is so good. Bit of Neil Danns in there too, poor bloke put up with me hanging around his shop for what was probably hours on end, but was always a nice fella haha :joy:

My first board was a Pacer Neil Danns complete…


Stoked to see this again, I was at it on the Sunday and it was amazing, or at least 14 year old me thought so. anyway. Other than renting Thrashin’ from the local Xtravision, It was the only skate video I had for about 2 months and I knew it off by heart.
As far as I remember, it was an RTE production and Ulster TV showed it a week or two later - the commentator, George Hamilton, was RTE’s go-to guy for pretty much everything from the Olympics to F1 to football and notorious for being a real life inspiration for Sports Desk with Alan Partridge.


They mentioned Stephanie on the latest episode of the Mostly Skateboarding podcast which led me to this very rad interview:


Cool she is getting to tell her story.


nice one.
i stand corrected re the spelling although i am 100% certain it was written ‘pearson’ everywhere in the 80s.

grim (but not surprising) to hear the near rape experience in the interview above