30 Years of Girl Deckaid Auction

Wasn’t sure where to post this so just started a thread, There are a couple of decks I’ve got my eye on.

For some reason it’s not obvious where to find it on eBay - here’s the link.


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Wages must be tight over at craig

$135 shipping on a board?!


Told ya it’s right at craig.

I loved Chocolate I really did.

I’d hope that Rick or Mike will be popping round personally to deliver it and that includes an appearance fee.

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I’d expect Spike Jonze in a hot air balloon for that.


Yeah, I might just buy this scratched up Gino board instead…

From 2002, no less. Probably a ‘one off’ because that was absolutely nobody’s favourite Chocolate era.

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Some nice decks in there. The only Girl/Choc decks I’ve got are these two. I am watching this auction to see where the prices go :sweat_smile:


Bargain. Well at least the postage is reasonable.

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Might be cheaper to fly from Manchester to LA and pick the shoes up in person.


Just for clarity’s sake, the money raised is going to Deckaid who then give it to ‘youth-centred organisations’.

Still doesn’t explain the sky high postage. Probably to ensure the decks don’t get scratched in transit.

Might be sent via eBay global shipping which covers any import tax, hence high price

Probably aimed more at philanthropist types rather than people wanting to cop a classic deck cheap


I know there’s a lot of interest in the OG 93 lineup Howard and Gavin. I recently traded a deck with a big collector who is willing to literally spends millions of dollars to get the decks he wants. He’ll definitely be looking at those two.

Tempted to go to the last day of this tomorrow to get my copy of Yeah Right signed. Still debating whether it’s worth driving to Downtown for.