31 FREE Full Length Skate Films & Docs

Found this GEM and wanted to share. A bunch of full skate vids and documentaries for free!

31 Full Length Skate Films

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My bad… it says 31… it’s closer to 20. Still, pretty solid find imo!

Cheers mate! I’ll be sure to look through them :slight_smile:

Glad to see Louie the Chimp make the cut there.

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Haha right!?

Did you make this list, Robert?

No, but I signed up for the blog’s notifications recently and saw this post late last night. Thought I’d share.

The link to longboards to buy makes me think this might be a bit spammy…

Always links to longboards, isn’t it?

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That’s true! They’re more money so I can see why! I bet soon it’ll be more and more linking to electric boards.

I wonder if that guy who posted on here ever sold his electric skateboards? It was pretty funny how fast he gave up on his dream of being the next Richard Branson.


Lol which guy? I must’ve missed it! I’ve never tried them… don’t think I ever will. I can see kids being into them but if I wanna skate, I wanna skate. You know?

There was some guy on here a little while back trying his luck, he’d imported a few to try and sell, he seemed okay to be honest.

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Lots of good hills in Canada though.

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Aye. This is true! I’m in Ontario so we’re nowhere near as hilly as the West (or even East) but there is always a good enough hill not too far away.