5 Last year 5 this year

List 5 things you are proud of from last year and 5 things you want to achieve this year.

Last year

1 - Travelled a lot.
2 - Bought a house.
3 - Gave up gambling.
4 - Quit social media.
5 - Left a shit job for one that I’m happy in.

This year

1 - Skate more.
2 - Continue to not gamble.
3 - Lose some body fat.
4 - Find the golden mean.
5 - Cycle 5000km

Last year

  1. Quit a job I hated, got a new one I like
  2. Adopted 3 beautiful chickens
  3. Started going to a yoga class
  4. Skated 4 or 5 times every week (when I wasn’t hurt)
  5. It’s not something I’m proud of but I saw Tom Penny at South Bank and it made my summer

This year

  1. Get my driver’s license
  2. Learn how to tattoo
  3. Emulate every single trick Penny did at South Bank
  4. I’d love to learn how to speak Arabic some day
  5. Hopefully make people around me happy
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Last year in a bit of random order, and excluding obvious things like being a good dad and continuing to wake up every day:

  1. Started cycling a lot more. Had a bike for years, but stopped riding it when I changed jobs and the commute got a bit weird. Decided early in the year that I needed to get a little bit fitter and the bike was going to be the way to do it.
  2. Took a trip to New Zealand, drove around. Had a blast and had my first experience getting pulled over by the police for accidentally speeding in a camper van. Almost wasn’t allowed back into Australia for various visa bullshit reasons.
  3. Talked myself into a promotion at work after some disappointment earlier in the year, now set to make a lot more money in 2020 and a whole lot of better experience for my CV.
  4. Took the fitness improvements from cycling and joined a gym. Feeling a lot stronger and fitter in general after a few months
  5. Met an amazing girl early in the year, who quickly became my partner, my best friend, and then after a most amazing evening of skating and hanging out together by the beach, my fiancé.

This year:

  1. Continue focusing on my fitness. I’ve volunteered to compete in the cycling leg of a group triathlon thing in March
  2. Grow my relationship
  3. Continue being a good dad, and future step dad
  4. Skate more
  5. Stop putting things off that I want to do

Last year

  1. My second child was born. Had a son and he’s rad. Slots in perfectly into our family
  2. Paid around 4.5k off my credit card debt.
  3. Managed to bag myself a promotion at work. Wasn’t expecting that this year.
  4. Got a tattoo after many years of saying I would.
  5. Opened up a little more. Still more to come but I’m making an effort

This year

  1. Clear all debt to begin saving for a house
  2. Skate more regularly. Once every 2 weeks is the aim.
  3. Be a better version of myself, by seeking help if I need it and be more mentally aware.
  4. 30th birthday want to hire vw camper van and have a little family road trip.
  5. Finish the mini but I’ve been saying that every year. I’m closer this year just need to make time and work through my list.
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Last year:

  1. Started this forum!
  2. Progressed a whole load in understanding myself, drivers, motivations
  3. Daughter started walking/babbling/talking
  4. Talked more with old friends
  5. Genuinely believe I’m slowly becoming a better person

This year:

  1. Keep on discovering things about myself
  2. Skate more
  3. Financially plan foundation for my daughter’s future, university fund, etc
  4. Making more of an effort to talk to friends, I’m usually quite insular and rarely reach out
  5. Make millions, buy lambo


Your girlfriend skates too? Bloody hell thats the dream, no moaning about you going skating, she just comes with!

She roller skates. She took it up (after roller blading in her teens I think) so she had something to do whilst her son was at the skatepark, so now we take family trips to the skatepark and it’s pretty much the dream.

It’s pretty weird, as we’re a very similar height, so when she has her skates on, suddenly I feel like Tom Cruise / Bernie Ecclestone.

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@navitronic skate in these to balance things out.

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May as well go full spice girl:

or just embrace it and develop a fetish for tall girls.

Yeah but it’s only when she is wearing her Skates.


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Some good reads. Keep em coming, want some more inspo.

Last 5 years, whatevs.

Start running (went for the first time today)
Cycle every day to work (weather permitting, any full weeks that I ride all petrol money goes in saving)
Less nonsense phone time (not taking it to bed for a start. I feel guilty being on it now)
Read more (any down time I want to read instead of looking at shite on my phone)
Play more board games.
Only turn on the tv when there is something specific to watch.
Play guitar more.
Eat more sensibly, meal plan etc. Quit takeaways/eating out apart from special occasions. Oh intermittent fasting too.
Stop buying frivolous shit that I don’t need, I have too many clothes as it is.

All the above I have basically started from mid December. I’m just hoping it all has a trickle down effect on different areas of my life that aren’t as easy to change over night.


I sat on the sofa earlier, and said outloud, with no hint of irony,
“doing things is for wack motherfuckers”.


Bit flashy. Should have just thought it.

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You guys cycling inspire me. My old job was kinda far from mine, I had to go there by train but my new one is close (20 minute bike ride I reckon), I’m gonna cycle there regularly when the weather gets better. :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

20 minutes? You’ll find yourself enjoying it more and probably eventually taking longer routes and seeing things you’d never have known about from a train window.

There’s a bike/footpath that pretty much goes from mine to my workplace along the lake and I doubt I’ll get better views anywhere else but we’ll see!


Looks awful franc