80s Carl

Here’s some footage from Carl Shipman’s brother you might like to see.

Also includes his bro Lee and friends, along with their BMX mate Shaun Allison.

Unsure of who the ripper on vert is?

Filmed around Retford/Worksop way around 1988/89, with the vert being the Hudson’s legendary ramp down the road in Trumpton.

Also shout out to the Brain Drain Podcast for their excellent podcast with Carl - great watch!



James Hudson maybe ?

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Vert guy must be Chris Hudson, no?

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Yeah you’re right. James rode BMX. I get muddled in my old age :wink:

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That footage made me feel very nostalgic. Similar to my own formative skateboarding years in school playgrounds here in Wales :smiley:

What a treat! That schoolyard hip looks incredible.