About the Trick of the Week/Month category

Every week, the winner of the last week’s ‘challenge’ posts a trick and gives simple guidelines on what they want to see. The challenge is open to all. Just ghettocam/lonercam the trick nominated by the thread starter. Use https://youtube.com or Instagram to upload your video (copy the link and make sure it is pasted on a line all by itself).

At the end of the week (or rather, whenever they feel like it), the winner of last week’s challenge will nominate someone to do a new trick and the whole challenge starts again.

Some guidelines:

  • Make your trick accessible (eg easy)
  • If it’s at a ledge or spot make sure it’s something as widely accessible as possible (eg don’t do it on a megaramp or a loop). Think kerb or small bank/manny pad. Flatland even better.
  • Keep it fun!
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