Add gif reactions to posts? (Poll)

There’s an option to add reaction gif things to forum replies. So you’d hit a ‘gif’ button at the top of the text button, you do a search for a gif and can insert into post.

Yay or nay? (Results are anonymous)

  • Yes I like GIFs
  • No I don’t like GIFs
  • I don’t care

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Please no. It’ll look like Slap. Or worse, Slack.


Do it one day a week.

Gilf Tuesday.

All gilfs. All Tuesday.


mobile users with a data limit might not thank you

True. They’re converted to streaming video so should be a little easier on bandwidth.

I agree on the slap thing. It’s awful.

ah ok, a trial can’t hurt then

I did vote ‘i don’t care’. But this is why I don’t use slap. My little mind cant handle all the flashing lights.

Trouble with Slap is their use of massive gifs as sigs.

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Yep, it’ll be the odd gif now and again (hopefully). Not the Slap eyesore.

I dunno maybe it won’t be so widely used, but I feel like it encourages low effort comments. Some of the best discussions are when people react to stuff and explain why they feel a certain way about a certain issue, but it kind of kills it when people can just put a gif of someone shrugging or clapping or freaking out or whatever. I find slack/teams really annoying for the same reason. Although that’s work related. And this is specifically for avoiding work. So maybe not.


Also true.

You can turn that off though if you have a login there

Maybe we can give it a test period for like a month and then see if they work out ok

I don’t.
Looked at it for the first time in ages the other day to catch the drift of a post someone left in here.

Having thought about this - are you asking in terms of automating it Spanky?

If so, I’m not as sure as I was when I responded as it’s so easy to add your own gifs anyway using img tags.


is it?

Think I’m gonna leave it. If you’re that much of a funny bastard you should be able to do it with text.


That’s a .webm not a.gif