Advice for new skateboard

I’m looking to get my 9yo son his first skateboard. He’s been on his mates and he’s quite good, so I don’t want a crap one as I think he’ll get into it. One of my mates gave me an original Rob Roskopp deck with nothing on it but it seems big compared to the decks I see these days. I was wondering whether to kit out the RR or buy a new one and keep the RR for later on. Anyone got any advice for me pls?

Find your nearest real skateshop and visit them with your son. They’ll sort you out.

I’d say the RR will be a bit big, set that up for yourself.

Slam city skates (or somewhere nearer you) do completes, maybe get a 7.5"

Set the Roskopp up and encourage him to skate like Winkowski

Cheers, I’ll get a new one I think, how much should I be paying for a decent 7.5?

If you’re down for the Santa Cruz you should be paying around £90 for a complete/starter.

If you’re in America, a helluva lot cheaper.

If you’re wanting to blow a tonne of money on the best of the best you might be looking at around £250.

come see me ha ha

I’ve just been having a look…don’t people use rails any more?! None of the completes seem to have them?

some people do, some people don’t.

The old school SC Completes have rails and the new ones don’t.

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In general, we stopped using rails in about 1990/1. They’ve gotten a bit more popular in the last couple of years, but they’re still not common place.

Plastics aren’t cool. Use paper rails if you must.

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