Advice needed - An old, fat guy starting Skateboarding

This happens to people of all levels…damn pebbles.


I am in Aylesbury.

Damn you all with your differing opinions.

For those who are saying getting I could just get a complete. Would I still need to change the wheels (I think most seem to come with 52mm) and the Bushings? I think with my weight, I definitely need hard bushings. My daughter’s trucks feel quite tight for her but I tried standing on it and it was very loose feeling.

That’s because some people are very fussy whilst other people (like me) could hardly care less about what equipment we use. I think any complete you get will do the job for you tbh.

52mm is a pretty bog standard wheel size now and will work fine if you plan on skating a skatepark/smooth carpark more than anything else.

Yeah you probably need hard bushings. If you can get to a real Skateshop you will probably be able to stand on different boards to feel the different flexes you get.

The board I posted up earlier is called a cruiser which as the name implies is more for riding to and from places rather than doing tricks on.

I basically went from not being able to skate to work at all really to doing a mile and half across a city in under 10 minutes on a good day because those wheels are so soft.

I can still pop ollies on it though because it’s shaped like a normal board but flip tricks are a bit of a pain which isn’t something you need to worry about for a while!

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Not to be offensive but that’s the weight difference.

Like @ciaran said, get your self a standard complete from a good skateshop.

I wouldn’t start worrying about specifics yet because you’re just beginning.

Only thing to look out for is board width depending on the size of your feet. And wheel size depending on where you’re rolling.

Everything else comes later.

For personal reference, I’m slowly getting back on board after a long hiatus. Until now I was happy riding a steamroller 9” with 60mm wheels beast. I realised that although stable, this board is a real hinderance to actually doing tricks. An 8” with 55mm wheels is far more responsive and easy to manage for my overweight body and size 10 feet.

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I’d be more concerned about falling off at 250lbs, I hope you’re nimble mate.

I mean that in the most sincerest way possible. I’ve seen some horrible accidents involving bigger guys.

Obviously if you’ve learned to skate and you’ve grown you’ve probably managed the ability and experience to chuck your board or fall in a certain way. If you’re a novice it’s a real struggle. Stick to cruising and dtay away from transisitions or skate parks until you’be mastered rolling about.

BTW I want people to start skating, I just don’t want people hurting themselves. Size does matter when it comes to learning IMO


My only concern about the standard set up is that I’ll struggle more on the 52mm wheels. I will only be moving around slowly but it appears that bigger softer wheels will make it easier for me to start with.

I have done quite a bit of falling and rolling through falls in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but I am not sure that’ll help much falling off a board.

Don’t worry, I am well aware of my abilities and will be skating very slowly around on flat surfaces for a long time. Skate Parks are very far in the future and hopefully i’ll be a bit lighter by then.

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You’d be surprised. The falls and rolls in such a sport will probably serve you very well.
Saying that, when you go down it can be a very unexpected thing but if your reflexes are good, could be fine.

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IMO @Temeura get a complete 8.5" sounds about right. Spend what you can afford, don\t ride it through puddles and don’t leave it out in the rain.

If you have the option, softer wheels as they’re more fun (78a - 90a).

And as @roncalow says, learn how to fall properly. I found jujitsu brilliant as they teach you how to safely fall forwards and backwards (this is a basic). Looks a bit over the top, but after learning this at 19 when I was skating 2-3 hours a day, I haven’t cracked my head or hurt my wrists since (I’m now 42). Learn it with your daughter, it’s a skill you keep for life, you do it automatically after a while, saved me many broken wrists and concussions (including when out on the piss)

How to fall forwards:

How to fall backwards:

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Ha, I posted above before reading this, that’s perfect! Time to brush up on those skills. Believe me, you’ll hit some little stones and fall over. Happens to the best of us.

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Yes, my daughter trains BJJ as well.

My Jiu-Jitsu is pretty awful but I can break fall with the best of them.

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Those BJJ videos are fine if you don’t magic carpet, theres not a man alive that can recover from that

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Haha, it’s an absolute sucker punch when that happens.

Rons shop has some really good deals on Film trucks, they seem really good and have great riders on the pro team so they are not budget trucks at all, just cheaper price point because they are more local than US imports. Get those, any 8.5+ board (having a pro team usually shows that they are of a standard quality) and any wheels, whatever size you want. The smaller the better i’d say, slightly slower than big wheels and you’ll have more clearance from the deck so less wheelbite. You have no idea what you’l prefer when starting so you don’t have to spend a fortune. Powell flightdecks sound amazing but i’d say they are for more experienced skaters, even if they are bigger in stature. You’re not going to to start breaking boards until you really start mastering a decent ollie, taking them further than on flat ground and up curbs i.e. off and over things.

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Can you give me a link for the shop you referred to?


Legacy is @roncalow 's shop, he’ll sort you exactly what you need

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Though I would always recommend your local. Because theres nowt better than making friends

this one maybe?


Yes, all of this internet research is making my head hurt. I think I should just get in touch with them and go and stand on some boards.


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