Advice needed - An old, fat guy starting Skateboarding

Scrub that. I just called and the lady was fairly rude and unhelpful.

Oh i thought it looked fairly legit.

Telephone manner isn’t always the same as face to face.
Give it a chance.

That’s probably why they were rude, early 90’s legit.


Just to give me 2 cents. I wouldn’t bother with a Powell Flight deck straight off the bat. By the time you’ll want a decent deck and learning tricks, your first one will be/should be battered. And although people are saying to buy a complete, most shops will set you up with bigger wheels, if that’s what you want, and remember that as weird as it sounds, you will notice a big difference between something like a 52mm and a 56mm, so don’t go too big.
I would go in to your local store rather than phone them. From there, they can probably gauge better what size board is going to be good for you, based on height, weight etc. And they will usually let you stand on the board (no trucks/on carpet) just so you can get the feel for what feels comfortable.

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I’m 15 stone and haven’t snapped a board if you’re worried. I just do basic tricks up and down kerbs etc

He’s 113kg (nearly 18st)

Probably better to get a cheapish board to start with to get your bearings (no pun intended).

You probably want a wider deck. What about something like this?:

Obviously your local shop would be a good option too. Initially take your time to feel comfortable on the board before trying anything too difficult

I have decided to get a 8.5 complete and buy some hard bushings. Also going to get some additional chunky soft wheels and try both out to see what feels best.

Thanks for all the advice.


That Aylesbury shop is pretty legit. It’s not far from me.

An update.

My board has arrived but my elbow/knee pads are not arriving until Friday so I am not hitting the streets yet. Practiced just standing on the board on grass as I have seen recommended just to get the feel of it. I then tried standing on the board on the patio and fell off immediately. A long road ahead.


I used to do this, it helps getting a feel for it.

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There will be plenty of that, don’t let it get to you, just get used to it, if you can.
Resilience is key and you’ll reap rewards, the smallest things can feel the best.

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Not going to let it get me down. Just went out for another 10 minutes of standing around on the board.


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