All Saints Yard Jam, Wakefield

We held a little jam at the weekend as part of an attempt to breathe a little life into a neglected part of the city.

Tons of dudes and dudettes turned up and had a good time.

Click the photo of Victor below to see a bunch more rad photos from Tim Smith on the Vague and hear the back story if you’re interested.

My clip below, plus another local dudes one too.
DIY for the win.

Daunte’s edit

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Is that the same Tim Smith from Huddersfield who came to the Leeds forum meet with me?

The future Baghead Flats in this photo look like somewhat cleaner communist-era apartment blocks.

The very same - good dude.

Yeah, Tim is top of the pops.

They’re of a similar ilk I guess - built around the 1960’s and fairly grim looking till their recent make over…