All The Streets Are Silent

This has been a long time coming, and has been more or less completely redone since it was started. It’s probably the best skateboard documentary I’ve ever seen. It’ll be on Apple TV over here soon.


Have been waiting on this, great to hear it’s out soon

Any word on screenings? I emailed Jeremy a while back but he was sorting distributors etc at the time

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Still working on UK/Europe, but looking like it’ll be via Apple.


Interview I did with Jeremy Elkin, although much has been changed/upgraded since then…


Just noticed that Deadline article says it’s got interviews with Justin Pierce and Harold, but obviously it doesn’t. They’re in it, and Harold’s brother is interviewed, but there aren’t interviews with those two. That’s a mistake. Jeremy is only 34, I think.

Looking forward to seeing this. I feel like it will be like Mixtape the documentary.

Because it was originally going to be the Mixtape documentary?Jeremy talks about that in the interview.

It covers Mixtape, but goes way beyond.

Is it the same version as the one I saw Build?

Obviously I’ve got no idea which one you’ve seen, but not really - that one was just “the sketch”.

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Sorry didn’t read interview but I think I had heard that somewhere

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